15 Heartfelt Gifts for Grandpa

Grandparents are notoriously difficult to shop for, especially if you want to avoid the cheesy and overdone gifts. Seriously, grandpa does not need another gift referencing his love for fishing. But what SHOULD you get your grandpa? You love your grandpa and want to show him how special he is to you. We know this can be tricky, since you might not have similar interests as your grandfather. Don’t worry—we’ve got the ideas you need to find the perfect christmas gift, birthday gift, or Father’s Day gift for your beloved grandparent. 

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15 Heartfelt Gifts for Grandpa

1. Digital photo frame

This has been my go-to gift for every family member over the past year, because it’s useful and a perpetual present. My personal favorite is the Aura frame, which allows you to set up remotely so that all your grandpa has to do is plug it in—voila! He has an entire album of photos on constant display, updated whenever there’s new snapshots of a grandbaby or family party. It’s the ultimate personalized gift. 

2. Weighted blanket

Everyone needs a weighted blanket. They already have one? Great, they need one for their living room recliner. How did we live before weighted blankets? No one knows, but your grandpa is about to nap on a different level. 

3. Massage on demand

Grandpa has earned some downtime, and he deserves to relax during it. There has never been a better time to get the perfect massage exactly where you need it, from the comfort of your own home. If you know grandpa complains about his dogs barking, try a foot massager. Ask grandma which areas hold the most tension for him to find the perfect fit (shoulders, back, even eyes!) 

4. Legacy Box

Has your mom been bugging you for help digitizing all your family’s old photos and videos? It’s the true cross that all millennials have to bear. We have great news, though. You don’t have to track down special equipment and dusty VHS machines. Legacy Box is the insanely easy solution—mail them all your family memorabilia and they’ll mail back digital versions of photos and home movies. Showing your grandparent how to watch a DVD of childhood memories is a grand-slam gift. 

5. My Life Story So Far

What if your grandpa’s life isn’t well documented? If you don’t have photos and videos of younger grandpa, that can prompt another thoughtful gift idea—a journal of historical prompts to help him memorialize his life. My Life Story So Far features quick prompts and questions to trigger memories he hasn’t thought of in decades. He’ll appreciate the trip down memory lane and it creates a timeless keepsake for your family. 

6. Food or Drink Subscriptions

For the grandparent who already has everything… we humbly suggest the subscription box. Every month your grandpa can receive a new and notable food or drink, so it’s never wasteful or tacky. Was Grandpa a world traveler? Try a box with food from all over the globe. Papa loves snacks? A snack box will fit the bill. Is your grandfather a carnivore? Omaha Steaks is calling. Or maybe you satisfy grandpa’s sweet tooth with Candy Club. (This also makes a great grandma gift!) Try a Yummy Box gourmet gift box when in doubt.

7. Quality work gloves

My grandpa was the type to tinker. He was frequently found out in his shop, making or fixing something. If your grandpa is like mine, he’ll appreciate a nice pair of quality leather work gloves. You can get specialized gloves, i.e. gardening or mechanic gloves, or go with a standard multipurpose leather glove—like these Carhartt gloves with excellent reviews. 

8. A Family Tree

Genealogy has come a long way, and our elders tend to get more interested in it as they age. As your grandfather grows older, he may like to look back on his life and where he came from. Creating a family tree is easy with Ancestry.com, and a DNA test kit can help your grandpa learn more about his ancestors and lineage. It’s easy, thoughtful, and unlike any commercial gifts he’s sure to receive from others. 

9. Yeti

I am obsessed with my Yeti, and I genuinely think they are an excellent gift for literally anyone. I’m willing to bet your grandpa has strong opinions about his favorite drink, and there will be a Yeti to suit him. I love my 30 oz tumbler, but their mugs are perfect for coffee and their can sliders will keep beer and soda cans cold no matter the outside temperature. 

10. Cozy moccasins

Rubber-soled moccasins are the perfect grandpa gift, because they’re comfy, cozy, and safe for taking out the trash or walking the dog. In fact, an attractive pair is totally suitable for a trip to the grocery store or doctor’s office. It’s slippers in disguise. 

11. Audible Subscription

When I was growing up my grandpa had an enormous bookshelf stuffed with thick paperbacks. James Patterson to Louis L’amour, he was never far from a good read. Between his aforementioned tinkering and as his eyes deteriorated with age, I think an Audible subscription would have been an amazing and thoughtful grandpa gift that he would have used daily. It’s easy to set up and use, even if grandpa isn’t the most technologically savvy. (Pro tip: check the next gift suggestion for the perfect grandpa gift bundle). 

12. Amazon smart home device

Smart home communication devices (such as the Google Home, Echo dot, and more) have been a total game-changer for grandparents. Verbal commands and clear visuals make it easy for Grandpa to accept video calls, pull up instructional videos, and play their favorite podcasts or audiobooks with just a single sentence. We recommend the Echo Show for first-time smarthome gadget users. 

13. Personalized golf balls

According to my husband the entire reason you retire is to golf. This does not make me overeager to retire, but to each his own, I guess. If your grandpa is in this camp, golf supplies can be a fantastic gift. You want to steer away from highly specialized equipment—grandpa will want to choose the ones that fit his unique needs and taste. But golf balls are something every golf enthusiast will always need. Personalized golf balls are a fun way for grandpa to remember how loved he is (and brag to his golf buddies). 

14. Bluetooth record player

Does grandpa have a crate of vinyl records that are gathering dust? This Bluetooth record player is not only gorgeous and interesting for grandpa’s office or den, it’s also incredibly functional. Grandpa can play all of his beloved vinyl records, and can also use Bluetooth to play music wirelessly from a phone or smart device. 

15. Sports memorabilia

When your grandpa never misses a single Packers game or has been a Cubs fan since the 50s, sports memorabilia can be a special way to help your grandpa show his true colors. I like these Dugout Mugs for baseball fans, and this cool site for vintage sports apparel and memorabilia that will remind him of younger days and fond memories.

Go ahead and put Grandpa’s birthday, Father’s Day, and Christmas gift shopping on your calendar, because you will have plenty of ideas for the next several years. Be sure to pair each of these gifts with some heartfelt conversation and quality time with your grandpa to make it a truly thoughtful and memorable gift. To the grandpas of the world—we love you!  

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