Celebrate 92nd Birthday with a Birthday E-Card!

The Cohen/Schwartz Family

Eileen Cohen, recently created a Kudoboard for her mother (Erika Schwartz).  It was Erika’s 92nd birthday, and family and friends from across the country contributed in wishing her well. Check out the board HERE

What better way to celebrate a birthday for someone special than by sending them a memorable birthday card? While paper cards are always appreciated, digital cards are a fun way to show your love and appreciation. Here is a fun example of what a birthday kudoboard could look like.

Why use kudoboard for birthdays? It’s a thoughtful and heartfelt way to show a loved one how much they’re cared about and appreciated! Learn more

5 Reasons to Use Kudoboard for Birthdays

Kudoboard is a fun and easy way for people to share their love and appreciation for friends and family on their special day. 

Easy to Add Collaborators 

With kudoboard, it is easy to add collaborators (they don’t even need to sign up to add posts or pictures). Contributors can add gifs, pictures, and videos to celebrate the recipient. This is great for families who may be separated by distance and is more practical than trying to pass around a paper card or have everyone send a separate card.   


Birthday e-cards are also more customizable than paper cards at a store. With a kudoboard ecard, backgrounds can easily be changed, pictures can be added, and other settings can be customized to your liking. 

Helping the Planet 

Digital birthday cards are not only fun and personal, they also help the planet by reducing paper waste. 

Many Viewing Options

If you plan to throw a birthday party or gather for the kudoboard recipient, try showing their card as a slideshow. This not only puts the spotlight on them but also gives a chance for everyone to participate in celebrating them and seeing their card on display. 

Kudoboards can also be printed as books for the recipients to cherish forever. 


Going to the store is not always a top priority, and getting a birthday card from a store can be inconvenient. With kudoboard, you can create a birthday e-card from the comfort of your own home and allow collaborators to do the same. 

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What To Write In A  Birthday E-Card 

Virtual birthday cards don’t have to be intimidating, in fact, they can often be more fun to write/make than a paper birthday card. For example, think about the person that will be receiving the card. Are they sentimental? Try adding a fun picture or story about a specific memory the two of you have together. Do they love humor? Take the opportunity to find fun gifs and videos that will make them laugh. 

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