12 Remote Work Memes

The Covid-19 pandemic brought many new challenges, including working remotely. There are definitely many benefits to working from home (no commute, more family time, you don't have to wear pants). There are also plenty of challenges. Thanks to the digital age we live in, new challenges often bring new memes to lighten any situation. 

Everyone needs a little stress relief in their lives, especially if working from home feels chaotic or lonely. According to the Mayo Clinic, laughing is a great stress reliever, this article about stress relief explains why. Some benefits of laughing include soothing tension, improving your immune system, and even relieving pain. Hopefully laughing at these funny remote work memes will help you feel a little lighter and stress-free while working remotely. 

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  1. Remote work means that you can dress as casual as you’d like, and for me that always means sweatpants. This meme is me to a T.  
  1.  I am for sure an introvert, so staying at home is kind of my jam. However, I know plenty of people who need that social interaction. If you’re struggling and feeling lonely, make sure to reach out! Also, this post about staying connected as a remote team can help as well.
  1. It is always interesting to see your co-workers in their home environments. Plus, animals (and work memes) are cute and usually more interesting than the meeting anyway. 
  1. This is SUPER obnoxious and often these questions can be answered in an email or something similar. But we all have that one co-worker who doesn’t seem to care about the length of meetings. I’m glad we have a funny meme that explains how we all feel when this happens. 
  1. Imagine being bored to tears in your virtual meeting that never stops. Because everybody needs to show how their idea is better. To keep yourself from falling asleep you distract yourself on your other screen. Only, when it’s your turn, you share the wrong screen. All of your coworkers get to see #7 of the “top ten facts about outhouses that you never knew” because you were jumping from page to page trying to find something interesting. Yikes.
  1. A huge benefit to working from home is not having to commute to work. Did you know, the average commuting time is 26.1 minutes? And that’s just one way! Being able to spend that time at home instead of in the car is pretty great. Plus, you save money on gas.
  1. This meme explains perfectly why you should at least brush your hair before settling into your home office. 
  1. Whether it’s your animals, children (which, let’s be honest, can act like animals sometimes), or funny memes, you are bound to get distracted at work. If you need tips for working remotely, check out this article that contains great ideas to help you stay focused and productive. 
  1. A great self-esteem boost if you ask me, and you don’t even have to dress “professionally” to achieve this status while working from home. 
  1. Productivity levels are probably not at their highest while working from home. I'm currently holding a baby and getting distracted by funny memes while typing this article. So that probably tells you how productive my workdays are. 
  1. Probably my least favorite aspect of working from home. There’s just something about being in an actual office that helps the time go by a little quicker. 
  1. Another reminder to please get out of the house once in a while so this doesn’t happen to you. Just because you’re working remotely doesn’t mean you can’t leave your home ;). 

13. No matter where your home office is, I hope you're able to stay focused most of the time.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for funny remote work memes. I hope it was enough to bring a little laughter into your day. I hope your productivity levels are high (most of the time), your zoom meetings are short, and your distractions minimal. Remember, working from home can get a little lonely, Kudoboard is a great way to send your coworkers an uplifting virtual card to make them smile. Finally, if you’re working remotely because you're sick, this post contains 15 funny get well soon memes that won’t completely heal you, but will make you laugh. 

Jenni Berhold

Jenni has been married for over a decade, and is a mother to three children. Jenni loves to help others by offering words of encouragement, advice, or a listening ear. Jenni loves to spend time outdoors, play the ukulele, and be with her family. She believes that every day is worth remembering, especially the good days.