How To Throw An Office Birthday Party

Who doesn’t love an office birthday party? You probably don’t have someone as awesome as Dwight and Jim planning your party (check out those incredible decorations below), but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw an awesome party for your co-workers! Celebrating birthdays are a great way to show employees they are valued, and it helps them feel special. If you’re lost on how to throw an awesome office birthday party, keep reading. 

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What Is A Hybrid Workplace?

A hybrid workplace mixes in-office and remote work. Essentially, it is the idea that employees will either be remote, in-office, or a mix of the two. Hybrid teams allow employees to control their hours and support employees in having a better work-life balance. This study proves how flexible work hours have a significant impact on productivity. Around 60% of employees stated that their flexible work schedules made them more productive and engaged. In this post-pandemic era, many companies are shifting to hybrid work. While this all sounds simple, there are many aspects companies need to consider before implementing this model. These include the technology required, possible security breaches, collaboration strategies, and more. 

What is a Hybrid Company?

Companies that label themselves as hybrid have intentionally built their workplace model, with clarity and specificity about how they will function. Companies can’t just say, “okay, this half, you’re working from home! This half, you’re staying here! Oh, and sometimes remote workers will come into the office! Good luck :)” Unfortunately, it is not that easy. 

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5 Ways To Promote Remote Team Wellness

Remote workers need wellness programs now more than ever (ok, EVERYONE does). Between the COVID-19 pandemic and remote work becoming the new norm, remote employees are struggling. Prioritizing employee wellness has many benefits including improved mental health, employee retention, improved productivity, and more. Before we get into more benefits, let's go over what team wellness is and what it isn’t. 

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What is Team Wellness?

The Workplace Wellness Institute describes workplace wellness as any activity that promotes healthy behavior. These could include wellness fairs, free medical screenings, stress management, health coaching, and more. 

Better Up makes an excellent point in their article about talking to your team about team wellness. In this article, Maggie Wool states: 

“It’s also important to explain that mental well-being isn’t the same as mental health. Mental well-being isn’t clinical and doesn’t involve a diagnosis. It encompasses our thoughts and feelings and affects our personal potential and how we cope with challenges. It can vary across time, and it underpins our ability to perform at our best.” 

Team wellness starts with the leaders in the company. If the management isn’t involved, team wellness can’t happen. Companies should offer a variety of employee wellness support, and employees need to know how to access them. When speaking to employees about the wellness options available to them, let them know that they aren’t mandatory but are there for them. Remember, management can also open up about their own struggles to open up a conversation about mental well-being. 

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12 Remote Work Memes

The Covid-19 pandemic brought many new challenges, including working remotely. There are definitely many benefits to working from home (no commute, more family time, you don't have to wear pants). There are also plenty of challenges. Thanks to the digital age we live in, new challenges often bring new memes to lighten any situation. 

Everyone needs a little stress relief in their lives, especially if working from home feels chaotic or lonely. According to the Mayo Clinic, laughing is a great stress reliever, this article about stress relief explains why. Some benefits of laughing include soothing tension, improving your immune system, and even relieving pain. Hopefully laughing at these funny remote work memes will help you feel a little lighter and stress-free while working remotely. 

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How To Communicate Better As A Remote Team

Many have transitioned to working from home in recent years, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. Industries of all types had to switch to remote work suddenly because of COVID.  While there are many benefits to working remotely (close to family, little to no commute, and overall saves money), there are also difficult aspects. Loneliness, time-management problems, and internet troubles are just a few examples of struggles a remote employee can have. Staying connected through communication with your remote team can be difficult, as many relationships are fostered in the office. However, there are still many ways that teams can foster connectivity while working remotely. 

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Gifts For College Students

For many students, college is full of fun times and memory-making moments. It can also be a very difficult time for young adults leaving the nest for the first time, figuring out who they are, and how to provide for themselves while balancing school and friends. 

As a college student, I quickly realized that for gifts (birthday or Christmas) I usually wanted more practical items. One year, I received a grocery gift card and it was one of my most valued gifts. While I also enjoyed getting fun gifts, the practical gifts were useful and greatly appreciated as I struggled with finances (working in retail doesn’t pay the bills, that’s for sure). 

If you are wondering what gifts would be best for college students, read further to see gifts that would be great for the holiday season, birthdays, or just because.  

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Dorm Gifts for College Students

Are you looking for gift ideas for college students' dorm rooms or living areas? Read on to see 5 useful gift ideas that students will love for their living spaces. 

  1. Handheld Vacuum

Most dorms or apartments don’t have a lot of room for large, bulky vacuums. This handheld vacuum is a great price, has good reviews, and will make cleaning up quick and easy (what most young adults are looking for these days). 

  1. LED Desk Lamp with USB Port

If you are looking for a little pricier gift, with really cool features, this desk lamp looks interesting! It has a clock, dimmable lights (that change color as well), a lamp, pencil compartments, and a USB port. It has all the bells and whistles!

  1. Closet Hanger Organizers

These cute and colorful closet hanger organizers are a great gift for college students. Those closets are not big, and most students usually need more space for clothes. Students could also use these to store off-season clothing. 

  1. Lap Desk 

I would have loved this in college. There were many times where I sat on my couch or in a chair, and it would have been convenient (and better for the laptop to prevent overheating) to have one of these. I especially like that it has a phone compartment and there’s enough space for a mouse. 

  1. Compact Air Fryer

This little air fryer looks adorable, but also functions well! This would be great for quick, single-serving meals (most college students are looking for quick meals that don’t take a lot of effort, and air fryers are perfect for that!). It also has a cool auto shut-off feature to prevent over-cooking. 

Self Care Gifts for College Students 

College can be a stressful time for many, and many students are just getting used to managing work, school, and their social lives. These self-care gift ideas will help ease the stresses college can bring. 

  1. Self Care for College Students Book 

This book doesn’t have any reviews yet, but I love the concept! So many college students are struggling mentally, and this book looks like it goes over great ideas to stay “happy, healthy, and stress-free”. 

  1. Back & Neck Massager

I love massages, but they are pricey! This back and neck massager looks like a great way to get an at-home massage. A massager is a great gift for students who are stressed out and just need a quick 15-minute relaxing massage. 

  1. Shower Steamers

Most college dorms and apartments don’t have bathtubs (and if they do, they probably aren’t looking too clean). These steamers are a great alternative, you can just throw one down on the floor of the shower and enjoy a relaxing, in-home spa experience. 

  1. Less Anxiety Affirmation Cards

As someone who had bad anxiety in college, I know how hard it is to deal with and cope on the bad days. I also know there is power in positive affirmations. I think these would be a great gift for students who are feeling overwhelmed and need help shifting their mindset. 

  1. Personalized Game-Day Tailgate Stainless Steel Tumbler 

These are cute and perfect for students who love to be hydrated and show off their school spirit. You can personalize the color, font, state, and more. This would also be cute to give as a going-away or graduation gift. 

Games College Students Will Love 

Games are a great way to get to know people and can be a great way to get a party started. I also like board and card games because it doesn't involve screens. While there is nothing wrong with screens, college students probably spend enough time in front of screens. Having non-screen options to socialize and have fun are a necessity. 

  1. Throw Throw Burrito

Throw Throw Burrito is a hilarious and physical game. This is a great group game or can even be played as a couple. We have used it for a group date activity and each couple had a lot of fun! 

  1. Sushi Go 

Sushi Go is a fun, quick card game that focuses on earning points based on what you collect during that round. Each player passes their hand until all the cards are gone, and as you get a new hand you collect a card. At the end of the round, you can add up your points based on how many nori, sashimi, and other sushi cards you have. This edition is the “party” edition so you can play with more people. 

  1. Anomia

Anomia is a favorite at our house, as it is fast-paced and you need a quick wit. This would be a great group game, or you can play with just 3 players (it is more fun the more players you have). 

  1. Skyjo 

Skyjo is another point-based card game. However, for this game, you are trying to get as few points as possible. I like this game because you can play it with just 2 players, so it is fun for roommates or a cheap date night. 

  1. What Do You Meme

A fun game for any meme lover, this is apples-to-apples meets memes. Another great group game that is hilarious to play. I also like how many different expansion packs you can get for this game, so there are a lot of options. 

School Supply Gifts

I love buying and receiving school supplies. The following gifts are great for stocking stuffers, or would also be great in a back-to-school basket. 

  1. Mechanical Pencils 

Mechanical pencils are a great gift and college students go through so many. It is always a great idea to have extras. These pencils come in a 4 pack, have a little cushion grip, and include extra led. 

  1. 5-Pack Notebook

I went through so many notebooks in college. I like that this comes in a 5 pack, so they can have one for each class for an entire semester. 

  1. Wireless Printer

I love our wireless printer, it is so convenient to be able to print from my phone, tablet, or computer and it is easy to use. This would be a really useful school supply gift for students so they don’t have to go to the library and pay for printing. 

  1. A Good Flashdrive

Flashdrives are a must for many college students. It is more convenient to carry around a flash drive than a computer, so if they are using the library’s computer they can ensure that their assignments won’t get lost and they can continue to work on them at home. 

  1. A Planner

Good planning is an essential part of the college experience. Supplying your college student with a planner will help them stay organized and learn skills that will help them succeed through college and in life. This planner looks great, it has monthly and weekly sections, as well as stickers to help them keep track of events.

Essentials For College Students

Below are 5 practical gift ideas that would be useful for any occasion. Usually, college kids don’t have a lot of money to spend, so helping them buy the “essentials” is a great way to show that you care. 

  1. Grocery Gift Card 

I wasn’t kidding when getting a grocery gift card was one of my favorite gifts one year. Groceries can be so expensive, and these college kids need to eat (and hopefully eat mostly healthy). Giving them a grocery gift card paired with a box of their favorite granola bars would be a very useful gift that they will definitely use and appreciate. 

  1. Noise Cancelling Headphones

I wish I had a pair of these when I was in college! It can be so hard to find a quiet spot to study. Being able to block out the world to study is a necessity for all college students. These Sony Noise-Canceling Headphones are a great option and will last them their whole college career (and longer). The over-ear design relies on smart noise cancellation, and the battery lasts for up to 35 hours. These headphones use Bluetooth, so they won’t have to be bothered with wires. 

  1. Clorox Wipes

Remember 2020 when cleaning supplies and toilet paper were practically nonexistent because they were so hard to find? Clorox wipes are a necessity to prevent illnesses and keep all the nasty germs away. Throw these wipes in with a few other cleaning supplies in a cute basket, and you are set with a great and useful gift! 

  1. Mini ToolKit 

Chances are your college student doesn’t have their own set of tools. This little kit is a great size and has the essential tools needed for small jobs/changing out batteries in items (like calculators). 

  1. Grubhub Gift Card

Similar to the grocery gift card, but way more fun. A GrubHub gift card is great because they can choose where they want to eat and have it delivered to them (or pick it up). I like GrubHub because they usually have deals on restaurants and they are pretty reasonably priced. Students will love this for date nights, or a busy study session. 

The Gift of Love 

The best gift your college student can receive is letting them know that they are loved and cared for. One way to do this is by sending them a kudoboard. Kudoboard has many uses such as just because cards, birthday cards, and more. You can also create custom collages for graduations and farewells to send them off by sharing fun memories. 

Letting your favorite college student know they are loved and missed is a great gift to give. Navigating adult life is hard enough, knowing that they are missed can turn a bad day around and help them feel valued. 

20 Eco-Friendly Gifts

Many of us are in the midst of holiday shopping, trying to find the perfect gift for the ones we love. While in this consumer mindset, we are often not aware of how much waste we are producing. During this holiday season, perhaps we can find ways to be more sustainable. That can include finding eco-friendly gifts for our friends and family. Unsure of where to start? Keep reading to find 20 sustainable gifts your friends and family will love. With 10 options from Amazon and 10 from Etsy, you will be able to get plenty of ideas of eco-conscious gifts for the people you are gifting to. 

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30 Awesome Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Have you ever found yourself in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, only to realize that Christmas is right around the corner and with all the other distractions, you forgot to buy someone a gift? I personally have been in that situation before, even more than once, and it is stressful. The number of shopping days until Christmas is counting down. If you have forgotten a gift, or just need more gift ideas for the people you love, read on to see 30 awesome last-minute Christmas gifts for anyone in your family. The best part? They won’t even know it was last minute and you’ll look awesome for finding the perfect gift on Christmas morning. 

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Where to Get Cheap Christmas Cards

It is that time of year again, where many try not only to enjoy this festive season but also share their heartfelt wishes for others to do the same. The holiday season is the perfect time to practice the timeless tradition of sending out holiday cards. My family has been sending out a Christmas card each year since we had our first daughter 5 years ago. I think that it is a fun tradition, and great to send to people who you don’t talk to as often, but want to keep in touch with. I’ve used a few different companies over the years and am always looking for a good deal. Below are some options for any type of holiday greeting card you want to send. 

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Affordable Virtual Christmas Cards

If you are looking for a very cheap and environmentally friendly option, online Christmas cards could be a great alternative to printed cards. Virtual cards also save time, as you don’t have to wait for the company to ship the cards to you first (and then hunt down addresses, write them on each envelope, and finally find the time to send them in the mail). Virtual cards are also accessible forever, so you can easily look back at your families’ memories. Here are some options for virtual holiday cards: 

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How To Start A Gratitude Practice

Harvard recently wrote an article about the research behind gratitude. Overwhelmingly, the research showed that practicing gratitude helped people feel happier overall. As Thanksgiving approaches, let’s go over some ways that you can start practicing gratitude, and through doing so obtain more happiness in your life. 

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What Is Gratitude?

Gratitude is giving regular thanks for things in your life. It isn’t just saying thank you, it is about giving heartfelt appreciation. This sounds simple, right? While the idea is simple, it may not be as easy. To start a daily gratitude practice, you have to change your mindset.

It can be easy to go about our lives focusing on what we need, or what we don’t have. To change our minds to be more grateful, we have to stop focusing on what we want and focus on what we have. Don’t just give thanks for the big things in your life, give thanks for the small, everyday things.

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