10 Leather Anniversary Gifts for Your Third Anniversary

The Big 3. The Trifecta. The Trinity. The Trio. The THIRD anniversary! Congrats, you two, time to bust out the… leather, baby!! Hold up, back up, slow down. Leather gear? As in, for a biker? Furniture that sticks to your legs on a hot day? Like a beautiful buttery leather European handbag? Well, that last one is a bit more my speed. 

Leather happens to be the traditional third anniversary gift. Now, before you crunch some numbers to see if you can afford a brand new leather interior sports car, please know, when it comes to anniversary gifts, it is truly about a thoughtful token.

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An anniversary gift does not need to be extravagant or debt-incurring to be special. I’ve got you covered here with ten creative, thoughtful, and personal leather third anniversary gifts for a favorite couple or even for your own better half. Leather gifts are beautiful and durable. And YOUR leather anniversary gift will stand the test of time. Just like your marriage. 

Year three can be tricky. You’re no longer in that fresh, honeymoon type love. You probably have seen one another at your brightest and most beautiful, but also with morning breath, day 3 unwashed hair, and maybe your partner has been privy to more incidents of “hangriness” than you care to admit (clearly I have experience with this). 

Life is real, ya’ll, and a 3 year marriage is, essentially, a toddler marriage: trying to find its way, learning a ton everyday, maybe a little bit messy, but also still so dang exciting, sweet, and fun. Your wedding day may be in the rear view but you have so much ahead of you both to look forward to and you should absolutely celebrate this milestone event! Milestone events are kind of our thing here at Kudoboard and wedding anniversaries (particularly anniversary cards) are just our speed. 

So... what’s the deal with leather?

 Will you be doing your shopping at Harley Davidson? For a wedding anniversary? It sounded weird to me too. For an anniversary gift, I was picturing a bit more linen and lace and less cow hide and cowboy. 

But alas, I’m your guide to the 3rd wedding anniversary gift, so I dove in and I am happy to report that the idea of leather as an anniversary gift actually has a very special meaning. 

Once I learned about the symbolism behind the leather theme for the third wedding anniversary, I was all about it. And, bonus, the possibilities for fantastic wedding anniversary gift ideas involving leather are plentiful. 

 According to Mahi Leather:

Leather is a material that is durable, strong, flexible, resilient and, if treated correctly, will stay beautiful forever.

Ummm, yes please, that’s poetic, guys! I love the image of a material that’s flexible yet strong. That sounds kind of like an ideal marriage partner to me. 

Leather is smooth, beautiful and shiny, but don’t be deceived, underneath that genuine leather exterior, there’s also a durable, enduring steadiness. Leather isn’t rigid, though, and its flexibility regarding its uses speaks to being a giving, compromising partner. 

By year 3, you’ve been through some stuff and you’ve most certainly made some sweet memories and established traditions as a couple. You’re in this thing, baby. So what are some great gift ideas for your partner in crime? Read on, gift giver! 

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While leather might not seem as obviously “giftable” as the other traditional gift categories such as paper or linen, there are actually plenty of fantastic leather gifts that are both useful and meaningful. 

Each of these leather anniversary gift suggestions is a wonderful token of love to celebrate a third anniversary in style. And if you want to take the leather theme on a different, more bedroom-y route, well, this list might not be your jam, but no judgement from me, you third year marriage veteran, you! You choose an anniversary gift that suits you and your relationship best. Let’s take a look….

10 Leather 3rd Anniversary Gifts

1. A Leather Journal

Let’s rewind a few years to the 1st anniversary gift, paper. A stylish leather journal harkens to this essential and practical need as well as allows for personalization. Barnes & Noble sells so many fun ones. Everyone needs an extra little place to jot stuff down making this my number one wedding anniversary gift suggestion. If you’re feeling especially lovey dovey, you can use this gift to write love notes to one another back and forth. Cue the “awwwwww’s.” 

2. Travel Bag

I have gifted many a travel/cosmetic bag in my day. Why? Everyone needs these! They can be tossed in a carry on, in a gym bag, on a day to the beach, even in a diaper bag, or the car. To increase the thoughtfulness, you could have it monogrammed, too! There are plenty of cheap non-leather options for these little guys, but the leather ones are so much more durable and sleeker looking. For a leather gift, how cute is this one? 

3. Earrings

Good news, grooms! Amazing jewelry she’ll love and appreciate need not entail extravagant dripping diamonds. Leather earrings are super on trend and cute. They are lightweight and come in tons of colors and styles. My favorite brand is Brinley and Co. You could start the gifting of a piece of jewelry as an anniversary gift early on in your marriage. 

4. Shoes

I can smell the shoebox now. A great pair of leather kicks is the perfect leather anniversary gift. Do you need shoes? Yes. So basically this one is simply fulfilling a need. (Now you know what I tell myself when adding to my footwear collection). Do you need these monogrammed leather sandals? I know I sure do. A need, a want, and a thoughtful gift all in one. A win! Don’t sleep on a great pair of shoes as a classy and well loved wedding anniversary gift. 

5. Leather tray/Catch-all Bin 

Real talk, when researching this topic, I came across these leather trays and catch-alls, and well, I may have added to cart. Legit, these handy little leather “bins” are perfect for keys, sunglasses, lip balm, and masks for by the door or on your countertop. The smaller options for a leather catch-all would be great on a nightstand for earrings, rings, and other little trinkets. And I swoon for a personalization option, so these ones are my fave pick. Sidenote: This would make a great wedding gift as well! 

6. Watch Band

My husband recently got an Apple Watch and he is wondering how I am functioning without a frequent reminder to breathe or stand. My eye rolling did not stop me from ordering him a stylish leather watch band for his new gadget. Don’t get me wrong, I like the sporty look that comes with most smart watches these days but the leather band looks so good on his watch when he’s dressed more formally for work! This classic one is simply gorgeous. 

A watch band makes an excellent 3rd wedding anniversary gift because it’s so practical yet adds stylish flair, much like you, dear reader. If you’re a classic watch person (like your watch can’t navigate anywhere or play music, it simply tells time), then I salute your commitment to classics and commend you for remembering to stand and breathe without a reminder. 

7. Wallet

A genuine leather wallet makes a fun anniversary gift because it will be used every year in the future as your partner reaches inside to grab some plastic to make all your dreams come true. Right? Right??? Really, though, a nice leather wallet is a classy, useful gift that’s something someone might not purchase for themselves, but they will love having it in their life to use every single day. This functional Fossil wallet is delightful! 

8. Dog Collar

I personally am not a pet person (I don’t need anything chewing up my new leather monogrammed sandals), but I have so many friends who treat their fur babies like kings and queens. A good lookin’ leather dog collar is a great wedding anniversary gift for those pooch lovin pals in your life. You can get an entire leather collar or just a leather bone tag. This gives a lot of flexibility when it comes to price point. Bonus if you get it on your wedding color. Sentimental much! This website has all the leather dog collars you could want. 

Also, speaking of being a friend to animals, it’s important to note that there are so many wonderful VEGAN leather options out there! This great guide from One Green Planet will get you all set with eco-friendly 3rd anniversary gifts. 

9. Leather-scented Candle

When you think of leather gifts, a candle might not immediately come to mind. A leather gift doesn’t necessarily need to be actual leather. Showcase your creative 3rd anniversary gifting chops with a non-traditional gift. The “masculinization” of the candle industry makes me laugh. Those fragrance gurus in a boardroom of Big Candle Corp seem to believe women want to smell like an explosion of roses, fairy dust, and ocean breezes (with notes of cupcake, obvi). Men, though, well, give us all the woodsy, musky, old book, tobacco, LEATHER scents that those manly noses can handle! That said, some more traditionally masculine “leathery” scents are divine! A nice looking (and smelling!) candle makes an excellent anniversary gift. I promise this Saddle Leather Candle does not smell like eau de old man! A nice, luxury, leather candle is an anniversary gift that can warm up your home with a rich, buttery scent and that’s something both he and she can agree on. 

10. Leather Coasters 

Caring about coasters is one of those milestones when I realize I have turned into my mother. Is this what it means to be in my 30’s? Regardless, I am here for a nice, classic, clean coaster and leather ones are on trend and practical! These Ones are my favorite because they also come with a holder and the price point is perfect for a small anniversary gift. For a great all in one anniversary gift idea, look no further than some coasters packaged with some nice highball glasses and a bottle of something delicious. Cheers! 

There you have it, in the bag, 10 cool leather anniversary gifts that move beyond a leather belt. Because that’s boring. And you’re a cool married person.

Any of these leather-tastic anniversary gift ideas above would be even more special when gifted alongside a heartfelt, personalized Kudoboard for your loved one. Let’s start a trend, the NEW 3rd anniversary traditional gift is now….. Leather AND a Kudoboard. And maybe throw in a cake or something because we are dealing in three’s here, it just makes sense (oooh, make it a THREE layer cake. You just have to. I don’t make the rules). 

Happy three years of wedded bliss and here’s to finding the perfect wedding anniversary gift! 

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Leslie Steele

Leslie has celebrated six fantastic wedding anniversaries with her husband. She keeps busy as an elementary teacher and a mom to a preschooler. Leslie loves reading outside, listening to podcasts, and farmhouse decor. Leslie especially enjoys surprising friends and family with notes, trinkets, or treats to show gratitude and love. The more creative or personalized the gift, the better!