Confetti for a Work Anniversary Group Card

Celebrating a work anniversary is an excellent way to show appreciation for your employees—especially when they hit a particularly impressive milestone.

When Nelly hit her 20-year anniversary at the company, her coworkers created a work anniversary group card with Kudoboard to show love, appreciation, and memories they've had with her.

Once Upon A Time, a new employee started working at Travelers. The company was never the same. How did we get so fortunate?!?!?!? Congratulations on 20 years with the best company ever!!!


Look at you go....20 years AND you haven't thrown a stapler at anyone. But in all seriousness, congratulations!!!


Check out the new Confetti feature on Nelly's board here!

Twenty years of dedication is impressive, no matter the field. Congratulations on your sparkling career, and thanks for letting us share, Nelly!

Danica Holdaway

Danica Holdaway is a 10-year marriage veteran with three little girls. She loves marking each and every holiday and anniversary in the most extra way possible. She’s passionate about making everyday life special and bringing people together. Especially using food.