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Best for a larger group of contributors on a birthday, work anniversary, or other special occasion.

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Includes everything with the Mini Board plus:

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Collect up to 100 posts

Allow friends, family, or colleagues to add up to 100 posts to your Kudoboard digital group card.

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Add Videos

Further personalize Kudoboards by allowing your group to add video messages directly to the group card.

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What People Say About Kudoboard

Avatar Jessica Coello Gusto

“We chose Kudoboard for the wider use cases. Unlike many competitors which offer more narrowly focused services, we could use Kudoboard for all sorts of elaborate celebrations.”

Avatar N Ferdous Accenture

“I love Kudoboard!!! We've used it at my office when employees leave the team, and everyone always loves it. I got my own Kudoboard — it's just so sweet and heartwarming!”

Avatar Melody Baker Pampa Independent School District

“Kudoboard is a game changer in recognizing individuals for a special occasion or for recognition of service. I will be using Kudoboard again and recommending it to others.”

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