Where to Get Cheap Christmas Cards

It is that time of year again, where many try not only to enjoy this festive season but also share their heartfelt wishes for others to do the same. The holiday season is the perfect time to practice the timeless tradition of sending out holiday cards. My family has been sending out a Christmas card each year since we had our first daughter 5 years ago. I think that it is a fun tradition, and great to send to people who you don’t talk to as often, but want to keep in touch with. I’ve used a few different companies over the years and am always looking for a good deal. Below are some options for any type of holiday greeting card you want to send. 

Why is a Kudoboard a great way to wish your loved ones happy holidays? ❤️

It’s a thoughtful and heartfelt way to spread holiday cheer ! Learn more about Kudoboard's Christmas cards.

Affordable Virtual Christmas Cards

If you are looking for a very cheap and environmentally friendly option, online Christmas cards could be a great alternative to printed cards. Virtual cards also save time, as you don’t have to wait for the company to ship the cards to you first (and then hunt down addresses, write them on each envelope, and finally find the time to send them in the mail). Virtual cards are also accessible forever, so you can easily look back at your families’ memories. Here are some options for virtual holiday cards: 

  • Kudoboard. Kudoboard offers many different options for holiday cards that are very customizable. You can add photos, videos, and text to make your Christmas card unique and fun for those receiving it.  Kudoboard also offers the option for people to add to your card. This is great for parents who have kids that have moved out, as their older children can add to it from wherever they live. 
  • Paperless Post. Paperless post offers digital customizable cards. Think of your traditional printed personalized Christmas card, but emailed out to family instead of sent in the mail.

Budget-Friendly Print Options

If you are looking for a more traditional option, many companies offer cheaply printed photo cards. 

Best For Customization

Shutterfly: is almost always having a sale. Their cheapest card starts at .89 cents per card when they aren’t on sale. Shutterfly has many options for any holiday, so your card is guaranteed to be unique and cheery.

Vistaprint: Vistaprint has many digital holiday cards to choose from and customize. You can get 30 standard matte prints for $31.99. Vistaprint is also great for company Christmas cards. They have a lot of business-friendly options for your company to use.  Check out this article about how to make a great business Christmas card.

Best Value

Costco: I’ve used Costco before and they are an excellent, cheap option. You can get 50 cards for $13.99. 

Best Time-Saver

Walmart: Walmart has cards starting at .33 cents. If you are in a rush, they have an option to pick them up in-store with their 1-hour print services. 

Best For Modern Design

Minted: Minted claims to have "Budget Savvy Holiday Cards." They currently offer free recipient addressing & free return address printing, which will save a lot of time addressing envelopes by hand.

3 Reasons To Send A Holiday Card

Sending out holiday cards is a timeless and classy tradition that many look forward to all year. I love designing our Christmas cards and sending them out to family members that we might not talk to as often. I usually include a little text update on the back of the card to let people know what we are up to, what the kids are doing, share a joyful message, and wish everyone a Merry Christmas. 

1. Spread the holiday cheer. 

Imagine your family member or friend going to the mailbox and instead of seeing a bunch of bills or advertisements, they get to open a personalized Christmas card. It is always fun to receive a holiday card in the mail and it is a great way to cheer someone up.

2. Reconnect with family and friends. 

Many people use Christmas cards to share updates with their loved ones and let them know they are cared for during the holiday season.

3. Share a recent family picture. 

Every year we get family photos taken so we can have an updated picture for our Christmas photo cards. I often don't share the photos I'll use on the card on social media so that people are surprised when they see the card. This is also a great way to update people who don't have social media (grandparents, parents, or people who choose to stay off the grid).

When should you send out Holiday Cards?

To make sure your family receives your holiday card in enough time to be enjoyed while still in the holiday season, the best time to put them in the mail is the first week in December, or right after Thanksgiving. The holidays are coming up soon, make sure you don't procrastinate, get your addresses gathered (and a checklist to be sure you don't forget anyone), and have fun designing a card to send out. Whether you choose a virtual card or one that comes with a postage stamp, hopefully, you will join in spreading holiday cheer by sending out a card to the ones you hold dear. 

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