12 Awesome Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Day

Our teachers do so much for the children in their classrooms. This year during teacher appreciation week, take the time to craft the perfect gift that lets them know how grateful you are that they are teaching your child. Most schools will send home a printout of the teacher’s favorite things; use this list to guide you to an excellent thank you gift for them. Here are some fantastic gift ideas for teacher appreciation week:

Why is a Kudoboard perfect for Teacher Appreciation Week? 🍎 It’s a thoughtful way to let the whole class share how much they love their teacher. ❤️

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Group Gifts

Gift Cards

The teacher in your child’s life does so much to support them and help them grow. This year on teacher appreciation day, get together with other parents and get them a gift card to say thank you. If you are unsure of the types of things they like, then get a universal gift card to Target or Amazon. They will be able to treat themselves and pick whatever they want with a gift card—especially if it’s a digital gift card. The great thing about doing this as a group is that you can allow each parent to give as much or as little as they can. The bigger the group, the bigger the gift card you will be able to give their teacher. Combine it with a cute gift card holder or group greeting card, and you will have the perfect gift to say thank you to your child’s teacher this year.  


Help your child’s class create a Teacher Appreciation ecard for their teacher. A Kudoboard is a group greeting ecard where you can write a message and upload pictures and videos. Then you can invite others to join with just a link to upload their messages as well. It is a centralized place for all of the parents and kids to go and write a message thanking their teacher this school year.

Your child’s teacher will be able to access the Kudoboard and read all of the awesome messages from their students and their parents. The great thing about a Kudoboard is that you can print it and make it into a book to give to their teacher at the end of the school year. It is such a fun and unique way to show appreciation to teachers

See an amazing Teacher Appreciation ecard here 😍

Food Gifts

Basket of treats

You can never go wrong with a gift basket. You can purchase a premade gift basket or you can put a basket together yourself. There are endless items to choose from when making a gift basket for someone, here are a few ideas to get you started: 

Include a personalized note from you and your child thanking their teacher for their work this school year, and it will be such a great gift to say thank you.

Gift Card to a Restaurant

If you are supplied with a list of the teacher’s ‘favorites,’ then pay attention to their favorite place to eat. Giving them a gift card anywhere is a great option, but giving them one to a place you know they enjoy is even better. They will think of you when they go to their favorite place and enjoy the appreciation gift you gave them. 

Doordash Credit

When you don’t know the teacher’s favorite restaurant, you can give them a gift card to Doordash. This is a great teacher gift idea because they can use the credit at any place that they are craving, and it can be delivered right to their home (or classroom!). If your child is a remote student, this will be the perfect gift because it can be sent as an e-gift card through their email. 

Baking Kit

A great gift idea to give to your child’s teacher is to put together a baking kit. You can gather some items that they can use in the kitchen and present it nicely with a gift ribbon and a printable tag. There are cute ways to do this, like filling a mason jar with all of the ingredients to make cookies or getting some utensils together and including a tag with a cute saying. It is a unique and fun way to show your appreciation to your kids’ teacher this year. 

Affordable Gifts

Handcrafted Gifts

You do not need to give an extravagant appreciation gift to your child’s teacher. Have them write a note or draw a picture saying thank you. Their teacher is not expecting an elaborate gift from each student. Being told thank you is the best gift that they can receive. If you grow flowers in your yard, you can send your child to school with a small bunch of flowers and a card they made. A handmade gift like a plate of cookies or a drawing from your child is the perfect way to say thank you. It is the sentiment that counts. 

Printable Tags

There are some great free printable tags for Teacher Appreciation Week. You can find anything from a saying about a candy bar to a personalized soda can label, print it out, and attach it to the item. Creative artists took the time to come up with all of these great sayings to show appreciation to teachers, so use them and make your gift look even more special this year. 

Favorite Things


If you happen to know your kids teacher’s favorite color, then you can put an awesome gift bag together with different items of that color. For example, if their favorite color is red, you could fill a gift bag with Skittles, red hand soap, Hawaiian Punch, any type of snack in a red package (such as Cheez-Its in a red box), a red coffee mug or water bottle—the possibilities are endless when you choose a color-themed gift. The best thing about doing a color theme is that you can fill a bag or basket with not only their favorite color but try to get some of their favorite things in that color. It is a clever way to celebrate them and say thank you at the same time.


You can’t ever go wrong with flowers. When the room mom for your child’s teacher sends home the list of their favorite things this year, be sure to check out what their favorite flower is. Flowers are a great gift to give to a teacher but making sure it is their favorite one will put an even bigger smile on their face. A small bouquet of beautiful blooms or a small indoor plant is a great teacher appreciation gift because your child can include a handwritten note with it when they give it to the teacher. 


Teacher appreciation day gifts are all about saying thank you, and there is no better way than with a treat. If your child knows their favorite type of snack, you’re in luck. Have your child write their teacher a note expressing their appreciation for them and put it in a gift bag with the snack; their teacher will love reading those words of thanks while they get to munch on a yummy treat. Aren’t food gifts always just better anyway? 


Another great appreciation gift idea is to give them some of their favorite supplies that they use in the classroom. A lot of teachers end up using their own money for items that they use in the classroom. Take the time to find out if there is a certain type of marker, pen, notebook, or craft item that they enjoy using and help restock their supplies. It will be such an appreciated gesture to do that for your child’s teacher. 

Self Care

Putting together a self care package as a teacher gift is an easy and good idea. Find items that include the teacher’s favorite scents, or colors, or brands. You can show teacher appreciation through such a small gesture of gathering some fun lotions, face masks, soaps, or candles and putting that together in a small package for the teacher. Even a male teacher will love receiving a self care kit!

Get Planning

Teachers do so much for our children each and every day. They deserved to be told thank you. If you haven’t been given a list of the teacher’s favorite things, reach out to their room mom and ask if you can get that. Whether this has been your child’s favorite teacher or not, the work they do is hard and should be recognized. Teacher appreciation is an easy thing to do as a parent when they spend so much time with your child each day. Find the best and most affordable way to say thank you with one of these ideas and get planning today. 

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