Funny Ecard using Kudoboard

funny meme for coworker for a funny group ecard

The folks at Free Gulliver recently created a funny ecard Kudoboard titled $hit Tripp Says for the head of the company, Tripp Friedler. Highlighting Tripp’s ‘quotable quotes’ from throughout the years, the Kudoboard includes classics like “I disagree with you for three reasons - actually, it is two reasons, but I’m going to reserve the right to add a third reason if I come up with one while I’m talking…”  Here is another quote: "Don't try to strengthen your weaknesses. If you try to strengthen your weaknesses all you will end up with is a very strong weakness." Check out the funny ecard Kudoboard HERE!

Thanks for letting us share, Tripp, and congratulations to you.

Tips For Creating A Funny eCard

Family members, friends, and colleagues will appreciate a fun group eCard to celebrate any occasion. With the versatility of eCards, you can easily make them themed and as humorous as you want. To start creating your virtual card, go to Kudoboard and click "create a Kudoboard." Next, choose the type of card you need. If you have more than 10 people contributing to the board, a premium board is a great option and is only $5.99 (cheaper than most paper cards!). Next, you can start creating your card! Change the background, add posts and media, and most important for a group card, add contributors. To add contributors, find the "add contributors" button at the top of the board. You can share the board four different ways (QR code, social media, direct link, and email). Finally, to send the card click "schedule delivery" and remind all contributors when they need to be done posting.

Group eCards are far easier than paper cards, and more customizable. While boring paper cards only offer contributors to add short messages, virtual cards offer the option for gifs, memes, videos, and pictures.

Pick A Theme

A perfect way to make a virtual card funny is to pick a theme. Picking a theme ensures that all the contributors are aware and "on board" about posting something funny relating to the chosen theme. For example, if the recipient is a big "Arrested Development" fan, everyone could find gifs, memes, photos, and videos relating to Arrested Development and the occasion. Here are three theme ideas you can use for any occasion:

  1. Animal Gifs. Who doesn't love a dancing cat in a taco hat?
  2. Funny Memories Only. Contributors can ONLY add funny memories about the recipient (videos and pictures encouraged!).
  3. All About Memes. Contributors can only add memes that remind them of the recipient (bonus points for including a reason behind the choice).

Hopefully these tips help you create a funny eCard for someone in your life!