Happy Birthday with Kudoboard (GIFs, GIFs, and More GIFs!)

jim carrey happy birthday gif for birthday ecard

Over the summer, Eddie T’s colleagues created him a Kudoboard to wish him a happy birthday.

The theme of this board: GIFs GIFs and more GIFs!  From Captain America and Storm Troopers to Ace Ventura and Stewie from Family Guy – this board has it all.

View Eddie’s full board here: https://www.kudoboard.com/boards/904i689E

Thanks for letting us share your Kudoboard, Eddie, and a belated Happy Birthday from all of us on the Kudoboard team!

Tips for Creating A Themed Birthday eCard

If you have a special person in your life with a birthday coming up and want to do something special for them, look no further than a birthday eCard. They will love the thoughtful messages from friends and family from all over the country, and it’s a great way to show them that they are loved on their special day. To start, pick a theme that the recipient of the card will love. If you’re feeling stumped, here are five ideas:

  1. Gifs. Everybody loves gifs, and with the versatility eCards offer, you can easily add any type of gif to the card you want.
  2. Favorite Movie. Does your friend or family member love “Princess Bride”? Easily make the card a princess bride theme and invite everyone to find media related to birthdays and Princess Bride (or whatever other movie they might like).
  3. Superheroes. Who doesn’t love superheroes?
  4. Funny Memories Only. Make this eCard extra memorable by having contributors add only funny memories they have with the birthday person. Extra points for media relating to the memory.
  5. Vidoes of Contributors Sending Well Wishes. This is great for friends and family members who live far away. Have them record themselves wishing the birthday person a happy birthday (and share a memory or message). It’ll make the card very memorable and the birthday person will feel loved.

How To Create An eCard

Now that you’ve picked a theme, you can create the card. To start, go to Kudoboard and click “create a kudoboard“. Enter in all the information and figure out what kind of board you need (mini boards are free and great for under 10 contributors). Next, start creating the card. You can change the background and add a post using any type of media you’d like. Add contributors easily by clicking “add contributors” at the top of the board. Send the card to the contributors via QR code, direct link, email, or social media. Finally, schedule the delivery of the board and wait for the birthday person to receive it. They will love the birthday eCard and feel so special reading everyone’s messages.

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