Creating a Thank You Group eCard For A Leader

gif to celebrate leader with group eCard

In 2018, Deborah KL wrapped up her two year stint as the president of the Association of American Women in Europe.  To thank her for the time and commitment to the organization, the group put together a ‘thank you’ Kudoboard highlighting Deborah’s two years in office.

The board includes dozens of effusive notes to Deborah recognizing her efforts.  Here are just a few excerpts:

“Thank you for your leadership, your poise, your empathy, your spontaneous literary quotations, your unflagging humor and overall grace. As AAWE President you have nurtured our beloved association to a renaissance in membership and enthusiasm.”

“I have so enjoyed having you as President, your enthusiasm, efficiency and constant good humour were a pleasure. I know what that job takes and can profoundly appreciate all the time, work and love that you have given. Could we talk you into another year?”

“What a pleasure it’s been to work with you, and to see AAWE thrive and flourish, buzzing with fun events and innovative ideas. It’s inspiring to see how you dash from parties to financial seminars to support training, usually with a tin of home-baked goodies under your arm, and always with your finger on the pulse of what makes our club tick.”

The notes of appreciation go on (see full Kudoboard here), and it was a terrific treat for Deborah when she received the board.  “I LOVE it!!!!” said exclaimed in a follow-up survey. “The photos, the messages, the whole idea was a wonderful surprise and is a precious memento from my dear friends.”

From all of us at Kudoboard, Deborah, congrats on the clear impact you had with your organization.  And thanks for allowing us the privilege to share your Kudoboard story!

How To Create A Thank You Group eCard

Do you have someone you need to say thank you to? Make it easy by creating a thank you eCard from a group! It is quick and so easy to create a virtual card that will show your appreciation.

First, go to Click "create a kudoboard."

Next, enter in the prompted information and start creating your board. Add media, photos, videos, gifs, and even memes to personalize the board.

Finally, add contributors by adding their emails (they don't have to sign up to contribute to the card). Remind them to add to it by a certain time so the recipient can get the card on time.

Send the card to the recipient and you are done! It is easy and the person receiving the card will feel loved and appreciated.

Benefits of Creating A Thank You Group eCard

According to the Mayo Clinic, the benefits of gratitude  are endless, such as increased happiness, improved sleep, decreased anxiety, and more. Making a thank you ecard is a great way to show gratitude for others. Here are 3 other benefits of a thank you group ecard.

  1. Cost. Most eCards are free!
  2. Accessibility. Ecards are easy to create because you can do it from the comfort of your home or work. You don't have to drive to the store and spend time picking out a boring paper card anymore!
  3. Personalization. Ecards are better than paper cards because they can be so personalized. Paper cards are typically all pretty similar and not very customizable. With eCards you can add your own media to make the card even more special.