Treat Yo’self: 7 Ways to Relax and Appreciate Yourself

We at Kudoboard recognize that showing appreciation for others is a whole lot easier when you are feeling appreciated yourself. That can be tough in December, a very stressful time for many of us as we confront the pressure to spend lots of money, entertain family, and pretend we like those Christmas carols. Before your anxiety and stress cause you to crash, try the following seven activities. Treat yourself so you can treat others.

  1. Take a warm bath. Don’t forget the bubbles and candles—you’ve got to do it right.
  2. Get some fresh air. Go for a walk. Nothing clears the mind like the great outdoors, and your body will appreciate the endorphins.
  3. Indulge in your favorite dessert(s). It’s okay to eat that whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s. It’s for therapeutic purposes, right?
  4. Buy that handbag or gadget you’ve been wanting. Sometimes a little retail therapy is all you need to bring up your mood and make you feel special.
  5. Practice mindful meditation. AHMMMMMMMMMM. Breathe in, breath out.
  6. Binge on your favorite Netflix show. Don’t feel guilty. A whole season of House of Cards? Yeah, what about it…
  7. Meet up for drinks with friends. Chat with your pals and throw back a couple martinis/beers while you’re at it.

These tips may seem trivial, but don’t underestimate the power of the little things.

From US to France: Family says ‘Happy Birthday’ with Kudoboard

Adrienne and Andrew Greenwalt recently moved from the US to France. Being thousands of miles away from their families, Adrienne needed an easy way to get everyone to contribute to a card for Andrew’s birthday. Kudoboard provided the solution: a free and easy way to send Andrew an unforgettable birthday eCard. See it HERE!

Adrienne wanted something that was, in her words, “much more personal than a Facebook wallpost.” Kudoboard allowed Adrienne and the family to “contribute in a personal way, where they otherwise probably wouldn’t have done anything beyond the generic Facebook message.”

Adrienne recognized that “these days we rarely send actual letters or birthday cards in the mail.” Adrienne used Kudoboard as a birthday eCard because she wanted the ‘actual card’ feel, without the hassle. When Andrew received his Kudoboard, “he was surprised and so pleased to hear from so many close family and friends!”

9 Birthday Card Ideas Sure to Bring Smiles 

It’s that time of year again…again. That’s the thing about birthdays—they come all the time, every year. It can be tough to come up with new, creative card ideas. You want it to be special, but things can get repetitive. Lucky for you, the Kudoboard team has come up with 9 birthday card ideas that are sure to bring smiles!

1) Gather silly, possibly unattractive photos of your friend / mom / brother / etc. Nothing like a little friendly joking around between friends, right? Tease the birthday boy/girl, but at the same time remind him or her how much you love and appreciate them despite their weirdness.

2) Make a video. Gather video clips of your friends wishing happy birthday, or alternatively, create a longer, personal video to include in a free eCard. Homemade videos convey effort and time.

3) Include an electronic gift card. Nothing says “Happy Birthday!” better than a little moulah, right?! Buy an online gift card for the birthday boy/girl from a favorite store and include the gift card link on your Kudoboard (hey – we had to plug it, right?!). If you can’t include a link, try taking a picture of your online purchase and post it on the card (you can email the actual gift later).

4) Include pictures and information about a charity you’ve donated to in their name. Sometimes the best gift is to give back. Tug at your friend Adam’s heartstrings by donating to charity in his honor. Make sure to provide relevant pictures and information about the chosen charity so that Adam can appreciate the impact of his gift.

5) Create a group eCard. Although it’s really easy to make group cards for your friends and family online, the birthday boy/girl will appreciate the coordination and joint effort. Receiving birthday wishes all at once can highlight how much someone is loved.

6) Post the time and place of their own surprise party in the card! Deliver your Kudoboard to your colleague Natalie just before her surprise party will start! Instead of the traditional jump-out-from-behind-the-couch ordeal, surprise her with the details of the party you’ve planned for later that day. She’ll get to enjoy the party AND the time she has to look forward to the celebration.

7) Include an inside joke and a relevant picture. Nothing’s more personal than that dumb, yet hilarious joke that only you and your BFF know about. She’ll open her card and smile, remembering why you two are so close.

8) Post an array of photos from different years in chronological order. Show your younger sister how much she’s changed, and make sure to emphasize her awkward phase. Ugly duckling to swan, am I right??

9) Send a card with a message and photos that are completely irrelevant to his/her birthday, and then… Include a surprise message at the end wishing him a happy birthday. He’ll be confused (and possibly annoyed) at first, but appreciate the suspense.

Kudoboards are now Printable

Great news!  We are thrilled to announce that you can now download your Kudoboards to view and print offline. Here are a few highlights of the feature:

High Quality Image – Kudoboard’s low-resolution backgrounds are replaced with high-resolution counterparts and the entire board is delivered as a single JPG image perfect for offline viewing and printing.

Print Wherever, Whenever – Take the image file to a nearby print shop to get the poster printed immediately, or check out one of the various online poster-printing options we recommend.

Unlocked Forever, for Everyone – Once you unlock the image for downloading, it remains unlocked and available to all contributors and the recipient forever.  Whether new kudos are added, the background template changes, whatever – everyone can download and print the most recent version of the board at no additional cost.

The printable download of the Kudoboard is a premium feature and will be priced at $10/board; however, we are offering a promotional rate of $4.99/board through December 8th!  If you know of a Kudoboard you plan to deliver in several months, you can even start it now and unlock the printable feature immediately to take advantage of this special rate.

Go to and start your board today!

Friends Send Group eCard to Thank Organizer of Tulane Dance Marathon

Students at Tulane University participated in a Dance Marathon last month in order to raise money for the  Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. The fundraiser was a huge success with hundreds of participants and tens of thousands of dollars raised.  After it was over, several participants created a Kudoboard in order to thank Carrie Wixom for organizing the successful event (see the Kudoboard HERE).

Sam Patel, the originator of the Kudoboard, said that she decided to use it because she “wanted to find a way to thank Carrie for all her hard work.” Sam knew that Kudoboard would be “more meaningful than a simple Facebook post and give Carrie lots of nice messages all in one place.”

Sorority Sends Kudoboard to Thank a Sister for Organizing Scholarship Brunch

Sarah Hostetler of Tulane’s Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority recently created a Kudoboard for one of her sorority sisters, Margaret Stolte (see it HERE). Margaret is the sorority’s Scholarship Chair, and Sarah wanted to show appreciation for all of Margaret’s efforts throughout the year.  Sarah invited other sisters from the sorority who filled the board with memories, photos, and videos.

“Margaret was the recipient of our Kudoboard as a way to thank her for all of her hard work,” said Sarah. “The board was presented to her the day after she organized a brunch for our chapter to recognize members with the highest GPA’s. Margaret constantly goes above and beyond her job description and Kudoboard was a perfect outlet to show her how much she means to us.”When Margaret received the board, she was overjoyed.

“Coming back from a long day and realizing that over 20 of my sisters had taken the time to organize a Kudoboard made me feel appreciated,” said Margaret. “Thanking people and showing our appreciation for them is a really underrated act right now and after receiving my Kudoboard, I felt more motivated to show appreciation for the people in my life!!”

Showing Appreciation with a Thanksgiving eCard

So you’re not going to be able to join your aunt and cousins this year for the usual Thanksgiving feast. Aunt Sally always makes you your own butternut squash because you don’t like the marshmallows that everyone else seems to love on top. Super sweet of her, right? Unfortunately, you’re going to be spending the holiday this year with your significant other’s family, and you’ll definitely be expected to try the “famous” marshmallow squash casserole. You want to send your family a really nice card to make up for your absence, but aren’t sure how to make it special…

Okay, so maybe that’s not your exact situation (just me I guess), but you do want to make a nice card. Well, lucky for you, Kudoboard’s got you covered with a little Thanksgiving card wisdom. Follow these 5 tips to warm Aunt Sally’s heart.

1) Wander down memory lane. Remember when your cousin Andrew tried to see how much pie he could eat in 2 minutes? Yeah, his family hasn’t forgotten either. Include some (tragically) funny or special memories to bring in an element of nostalgia.

2) Send a free group eCard. Instead of sending a card just from you, ask other family members to contribute to an online group card (*cough*Kudoboard*cough*). Receiving warm thoughts from many people at once will surely make Grandma smile.

3) Turkeys. Include them. This special bird is what Thanksgiving is all about, am I right? Post some pictures or drawings of funny cartoon turkeys to get a few laughs and a lot of appreciation.

4) Tell the recipient why you’re grateful for him/her. Thanksgiving originated as a day for the pilgrims to give thanks for the harvest. While you might not be celebrating the latest corn crop, you can still honor the spirit of the holiday by reminding a family member how much you appreciate him or her.

5) Use vivid fall colors. The various shades of orange, red, and brown are quintessential reminders of the beauty of fall. Your sister will be happy to look back on a beautiful autumn as the cold starts to roll in.

7 Ways to Make a Free eCard Feel Priceless

Woman Reacting to Appreciation

When birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays come around, many of us feel inclined to send a card to our friends and family. But we are then faced with an important decision: paper card via snail mail or eCard. Traditionalists swear by hand-written and/or homemade cards, but over the past decade, with advances in technology and new expectations of convenience, eCards have become increasingly popular. However, not everyone is so quick to choose the eCard route. Sending an online birthday or Christmas card often seems, at best, impersonal, and at worst, lazy. So how do we remedy these negative associations and continue enjoying the convenience of eCards? Follow these 7 tips to create personal, special eCards.

1) Include inside-jokes and funny anecdotes.
Remember your best friend’s last birthday when she walked into the bar with her skirt tucked into her underwear?  Yeah, she does too. Wish her a happy birthday this year with a reminder of that night.

2) Use lots of personal pictures.
No one likes to look at a boring, monochromatic card. This holds true for eCards too. Make sure to use your own, high-quality photos to create a personal affect.

3) Try a group eCard.
Instead of sending your mom an eCard just from you, invite your siblings, aunts, and uncles to contribute to a joint card. She’ll appreciate the coordinated effort (easy as it may be) and will certainly feel loved. Obviously we’re biased at here at Kudoboard, but we think using our site makes the process super easy. So easy, in fact, that Kudoboard will allow even your Uncle Jerry to upload those weird YouTube videos he likes so much.

4) Tell the recipient why you appreciate him or her.
Everyone likes to hear how great they are, so spread the joy and let your friend/dad/girlfriend etc know why he/she matters.

5) Colors. Use them.
Nothing’s more appealing to the eye than a rainbow of vivid colors. Creating a bright, creative card will ensure that you capture your recipient’s attention.

6) Post meaningful/funny quotes.
Miss the sentimentality of paper cards and their gushy sayings? Pick a meaningful quote or two to up your emotional impact.

7) Schedule a timely delivery
 Are you a little disorganized? Do you always end up scrambling to mail a card so it will arrive on time? Use Kudoboard’s calendar to pick a delivery date months in advance so you can create an eCard early and avoid the last-minute worrying.