Wedding Anniversary Kudoboard

Alastair Butler recently made a Kudoboard for his parents, Scott and Rachel, to celebrate their 30 year wedding anniversary.  Close friends and family chipped in with pictures, poems, memories and jokes reaching back decades.  Check out the amazing board HERE!

Thanks for giving us permission to share your Kudoboard externally, Scott and Rachel, and congrats on your 30 years together!

Valentine’s Day Kudoboard

Hi there,

My name is Aaron Rubens, and I’m the founder of Kudoboard.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I wanted to share a board that I’ve started building for my wife HERE (don’t look, Sonia!). While Kudoboard is usually used to send group appreciation, on this occasion it also works great to send a one-to-one board directly to a loved one.

Want to make one yourself?  Create a free Valentine’s Kudoboard with all those great pictures that you have saved. You can even print the board to really make your significant other’s day!

Thanks, and Keep Delivering Happiness,

Aaron Rubens

What happens when Snapchat meets Kudoboard? 

Kathleen M. recently created a birthday Kudoboard for her good friend Sarah H.  After inviting a few friends to contribute, Kathleen was impressed with how the board turned out.  She said, “The system was so easy to use. We loved being able to upload goofy pictures that Sarah sent us over the years on Snapchat (that we all saved, of course!) ”  What was most surprising to Kathleen however, was Sarah’s reaction when she received the board.  “It was incredible,” said Kathleen, “to see Sarah’s emotional reaction to such a simple gesture.  I’m definitely going to use Kudoboard again!”

Check out Sarah’s board HERE, and then start your friend a Kudoboard for an upcoming birthday!

Husband celebrates wife’s birthday with a Kudoboard 

John Kearney from Kansas City recently created a Kudoboard as a surprise for his wife Beth on her birthday.  John added a few photos to the board and then invited family and friends to contribute.

The board received 40+ contributions –  more than John expected – and he attributes that to the quick and easy process to make a contribution.  “I found Kudoboard to be very user friendly,” said John.  “In fact, several people who contributed to the board said the same thing. I was able to figure out all of the features within minutes without following any instructions.”

Check out Beth’s board HERE, and then make a surprise Kudoboard for someone in your life!

Spreading the Love this Holiday Season

Holiday season is here.  At Kudoboard, we like to think that our site promotes gratitude by allowing you to show the people in your life that you appreciate them. In addition to creating someone a Kudoboard, here are a few other ideas for how you can spread the love this holiday season!

1) Leave a very generous tip at the next restaurant you go to. No one can deny that being a waiter/waitress is tough job. Let your server know you appreciate him or her by giving a couple extra dollars.

2) Buy an extra meal for a homeless person. When the cold months come around, being homeless becomes even more taxing. Make a homeless person’s day a bit easier by offering a free hot meal.

3) Pay for the toll of the car behind you. Paying highway tolls are a pain, no matter how you look at them. Many of us end up scrambling to gather enough change; save a stranger the trouble and make them smile.

4) Tape a dollar to the vending machine. No one is ever really that happy to be buying food from a vending machine. It’s usually a last resort when we can’t buy real food and our stomachs are churning. However, you can make this a slightly more enjoyable experience by paying for the next person’s snack.

5) Drop off some nice clothes at Goodwill. While donating any sort of clothing is valuable and generous deed, next time try giving some nicer clothes that you don’t wear anymore—rather than that old shirt you bought at a yardsale.

6) Pay for the next person’s coffee in the drive through. When it comes time to buy coffee, many of us are grumpy and focused on caffeinating ourselves as quickly as possible. Speed up the next person’s caffeination by paying for their drink.

7) Make a last minute dinner for you and your friends. After a long day at work, school, etc., the prospect of cooking can be entirely unappealing. Surprise your friends with a homecooked meal so they don’t have to eat LeanCuisine again.

8) Mentor someone. If you’re really good at something, share your knowledge. The best gift is one that keeps on giving, right?

9) Bake cookies for your office/workplace. Sometimes a little sugar is all it takes to perk up those colleagues who always seem to be complaining. Plus, bringing goodies gives you an excuse to binge on sweets.

Harvard Business School Goodbye With Kudoboard

Phillip Han began his MBA at Harvard Business School in the Fall of 2015; however, he recently decided to leave school early to pursue his startup dreams.  Vicky Au, one of Phillip’s classmates, created Phillip a Kudoboard from her entire HBS Section to let Phillip know how much he would be missed.  60+ classmates responded with notes, pictures, and memories for Phillip’s board, and Vicky printed a copy to deliver in-person.  View the Kudoboard HERE.

Good luck to Phillip on his upcoming startup adventure – from all of us here at Kudoboard!