New Special Occasion Reminder Feature

kudoboard reminder feature screenshot

Not ready to start a Kudoboard today?  No problem!

Simply sign in and add special occasions coming up over the next year from the “Remind Me Later” page. We will email you 1 week prior to the dates you provide so that you can start the special occasion Kudoboard and invite others to contribute at that time.

Get started now at!

How To Create A Special Occasion eCard

When you are ready to create your ecard (after you've been reminded with the special occasion reminder feature), go to Kudoboard and click "create a kudoboard." Add in all the information (recipient's name, occasion, etc.). Next, add memes, pictures, videos, and more. To add contributors, click "add contributors" at the top of the card. Kudoboard makes it easy to let people add to the card by offering four different ways to share (QR code, direct link, social media, and email). Friends, family, and colleagues from all over can add their posts to the board.

Finally, get the card to the recipient by scheduling a delivery date. If you have people contributing, be sure to let them know when the card will be delivered.

Reasons Why Kudoboards Are Awesome

  1. They are customizable and personalized to the recipient! Ecards are amazing because you can add pictures, videos, fun memories, gifs, and more to make the card super personal.
  2. You can create a Kudoboard for ANY occasion. Virtual cards are great because you can make them for anyone; from a happy couple getting married to your favorite boss retiring, e-cards are the way to go.
  3. Adding collaborators is easy! Group ecards make it easy for people to contribute, all you have to do is add their email to send the invite, and they can add any message they want!
  4. Kudoboard is affordable. Ecards are highly affordable, sometimes more than a paper card. The mini board is free and still allow collaborators. Once you factor in gas money, time spent picking out the card, the cost of the card, and stamp, ecards are the better option.
  5. Kudoboards last forever! The final reason why virtual cards are fantastic is that they last forever! Not only can the recipient view the card whenever they want, kudoboards can also be printed in book form.

Thanks for letting Kudoboard play a small part in your eCard needs. We hope that with the new special occasion reminder feature, it'll be easy to celebrate your friends and loved ones!