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Show your Love with a Slideshow from Kudoboard

How Online Group Cards Work

Kudoboard’s online group cards allow you to gather appreciation from a group, delivered directly to the recipient virtually.


Select an Occasion

Pick an occasion for your group card. Style the board in minutes.


Invite people & groups

Watch the Kudoboard come to life as a group of people contribute to it.


Deliver appreciation

Send the group card to the individual or team recipient. For added value, push a button to convert it to a slideshow, a book, attach gift cards or integrate to Slack, Teams, and your Intranet.


Boost Morale, Connection & Happiness

It’s powerfully simple. Appreciated and connected people foster happy teams with thriving results.

Sample Kudoboard

Billy and his sister Justine are making a Kudoboard slideshow for their parents for Thanksgiving. They’ve both added content, and they plan to play it before dinner on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving post slideshow with paper turkeys
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Prints, slideshows, and gift cards

Printed Kudoboard book titled

Print your Kudoboard

Print a Kudoboard as a beautiful, hard-bound book or poster — we can ship in the U.S. or internationally.

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Kudoboard slideshow of posts with play button

Play as slideshow

You can also play an online slideshow of the Kudoboard – perfect for displaying at an in-person event.

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Visa, Amazon, and Best Buy gift cards

Gift cards

Attach gift funds on certain boards that recipients can redeem for a Visa gift card, store cards (like Amazon, Best Buy), etc.

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Something for everyone

Choose the option that’s right for you — from single group cards to ongoing plans,
for personal use or for the office.

Lite Board

$5.99 Per Board

Great for a small group of contributors to celebrate a recipient using Kudoboard.

Create a Kudoboard Features
  • Up to 20 board posts
  • Add messages, photos & GIFs
  • Attach a gift card

Milestone Board

$19.99 Per Board

Perfect for extra large groups or milestones that you will celebrate in-person.

Create Kudoboard Everything in Premium +
  • Unlimited board posts
  • Upload your own background
  • Play as a slideshow

Premium Package

Multiple Kudoboards at a discount. The 50 board plan saves you over $250 compared to individually upgrading.

$189/ year

$8.99 $3.78 per board

Get started
  • 50 boards with up to 100 posts per board
  • Single board creator
  • Add messages, photos, GIFs, & videos

Enterprise Plan

Customized plan and dedicated account management for larger enterprises with unique needs.

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Everything in Business +
  • Unlimited boards & posts from 501+ colleagues
  • Bulk creation of boards
  • Dedicated account manager
  • SSO available

Company Event

Contact us to discuss your needs. Whether recognizing a departing CEO, celebrating a graduation for a university, or honoring caregivers at a hospital – we’ve got you covered.

In addition to all Milestone board features, company events offer:
  • Your logo at the top
  • Board export
  • Custom pricing
  • Tagging, likes, & comments
  • Custom URL
  • Custom disclaimer
  • Proactive moderation
  • Custom input fields
  • Multiple administrators
  • Board metrics
  • Embeddable slideshow
  • Dedicated account manager

Love Slideshow, Done Right

Your colleague has his 50th birthday next week. Dad is finally retiring. Your son just graduated from college. Not every occasion is slideshow worthy. But when you are looking to make an impact – a slideshow can be the perfect way to share the love.

With Kudoboard’s slideshow maker, we’ve got you covered.

Create a Kudoboard with photos, GIFs, videos, and messages. Send the slideshow link directly to your partner, or play it for them in-person. Boom, you are officially a slideshow hero!

Family gathered around table for Thanksgiving
  • This was my first time receiving a Kudoboard (from my grandkids on Thanksgiving), and I really enjoyed the slideshow. It was very personal and fun.

    Barb O. Arizona

Thanksgiving Slideshow, Delivered

Frequently asked questions about Thanksgiving Slideshow

Most of us are familiar with creating slides for PowerPoint presentations, but what do you do when that doesn’t fully meet your slideshow needs? With Kudoboard there is a better way to make a lasting impression on your friends and family during this Thanksgiving season. A Thanksgiving slideshow from Kudoboard allows you to take your Thanksgiving card – full of messages, photos, GIFs, and videos – and display it on a screen for everyone in your group to enjoy.

Thanksgiving is known for bringing friends and family together to eat a delicious meal and share all of the things we are grateful for. Why not make it even more special with a Thanksgiving dinner photo display or a gratitude photo slideshow? Grandparents and other loved ones always love to see things going on in our lives and this is a great and easy way to give them that. Because your Thanksgiving slideshow can be played on a loop it is easy to press play and let it run in the background while your group is enjoying their dinner and conversations.

Though Thanksgiving is often thought to be an American holiday, other countries celebrate their own version as well. Regardless of where is it celebrated, the day is centered around good food and joy for the good in our lives. Here are some of the countries that celebrate Thanksgiving and when it is observed:

  • United States: the 4th Thursday in November
  • Canada: Thanksgiving or “Action de Grâce” is held on the 2nd Monday in October
  • Liberia: the 1st Thursday in November
  • Germany, Austria, and Switzerland: Erntedankfest (a celebration of autumn harvests) is held in early October
  • Japan: 勤労感謝の日 (“Kinro Kansha no Hi”) is celebrated on November 23

We have worked to make this process so simple and quick that anyone can do it!

Once you click the “Create a Kudoboard” button on our website, select a “Milestone board.” The Milestone board contains the slideshow function, as well as allows unlimited posts on your board. Our template will then walk you through the next steps of choosing a recipient, naming your board, and choosing a background that fits your style. Voila! Your Thanksgiving board is set up. You can now add in whatever Thanksgiving messages or posts you would like. Once you are done, email the link to everyone in your group so they can join in on the fun. They can add messages, photos, GIFs, or videos to the board and all of it will be displayed as you play the slideshow. You will be amazed at how seamless and easy the process is!

Your board is full and looks exactly how you want it – now what? This is the fun part! When you are ready to play your Thanksgiving slideshow, simply click “play slideshow” located on your board or in your dashboard. Adjustments can be made for how you want your slideshow to be played, such as:

  • The speed it plays
  • If you want the title to show during the slideshow
  • The order of the posts
  • Skipping certain posts or videos
  • Displaying a QR code on the screen for anyone who wants to contribute live during the slideshow

Kudoboard has 100+ backgrounds to choose from for your Thanksgiving slideshow, or our Milestone board allows you to upload a custom background. If you choose to create your own background, select “change background” on your board, select “custom background” in the pop-up panel, and add on your background. Then choose a header color, a background color, and click “save changes.”

The great thing about using a Kudoboard slideshow is the chance to customize it to whatever you need it to be! The sky is the limit for what type of Thanksgiving slideshow you want to present for you and your group this holiday season. If you are stuck and looking for some ideas to get you going, here are some options to try:

  • Gratitude photo slideshow: everyone contributes a photo with a message of a few things they are grateful for
  • Thanksgiving dinner photo display: Have the members of your group post a handful of photos of highlights from their year and things they are thankful for
  • Who are you grateful for?: Each member of your group posts a picture of someone else in the group they are thankful for and why
  • Honor a family member: choose someone important from your family, like a grandparent, and have everyone contribute a photo with that person and a message about why they love them or a special memory they have of with them
  • Guess who?: Each member anonymously contributes a fun fact, memory, or message, and everyone has to guess who the author is

Absolutely. The board creators and admins can export and download the slideshow. Once you open your Thanksgiving board, click “play slideshow.” As your slideshow starts to play, look in the right-hand corner for the settings button and click “export video.” Once your video is ready you will receive an email with a button to download your slideshow.

Still have more questions? Come check out our blog! We regularly post new content like this one regarding celebrating Thanksgiving to help you find what you need. Once you are there, feel free to poke around and see if any of the other content piques your interest.

As always, we love hearing from you – so please contact us with any unanswered questions!