Welcoming a New Team Member with Kudoboard

Adding a new team member to your squad is exciting, but it's also a critical moment for all of your employees. Will this person integrate well? Will they improve the functioning of the team? Will they feel welcome, comfortable, and excited?

Jumping headfirst into a big team meeting over Zoom or in the conference room can be a bit much for your first day. We've got a better way to prepare your team for a new employee, and welcome your new employee to the team.

Michelle joined a new team recently and was happy to find that her new coworkers had created a fun and welcoming group card with Kudoboard for her arrival.

"I loved receiving warm welcome messages from my new co-workers!"

A Welcome Kudoboard is the perfect first touch for your new employee to help them feel confident and excited on their first day. Check out Michelle's Welcome Kudoboard here.

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Danica Holdaway

Danica Holdaway is a 10-year marriage veteran with three little girls. She loves marking each and every holiday and anniversary in the most extra way possible. She’s passionate about making everyday life special and bringing people together. Especially using food.