Welcome to the Team with a Kudoboard

If you are in Recruiting, you likely spend a tremendous amount of time sourcing candidates, encouraging them to apply, and tracking them through their interview process.  Whether you still use basic google spreadsheets or more advanced recruiting software like TalentLyft, there’s a lot to cover.  

And the work isn’t done once an applicant signs on.  You still need to onboard them and make sure they got off to a great start.  

Fortunately, Kudoboard has you covered.  Nothing says welcome aboard like a bunch of dancing, clapping GIFs.  And that’s exactly what Joe D. received when he joined Curriculum Associates a few months back.

As People Ops Team member Ashlee stated, “Welcome to the big crazy family!”

View Joe’s full Kudoboard here: https://www.kudoboard.com/boards/18VhKCXD

Thanks for letting us share your Kudoboard, Joe.  And along with the Minions, BB-9, Kermit, Kevin Spacey, Peter Dinklage, Stephen Colbert, the cast of Friends, Groot, Jonah Hill and all your colleagues at CA – a (belated) congratulations to you on the new job!