Remind Yourself to Create Group Ecards

You never have to forget a major event ever again. For real.

We've all been there. That realization that it's your mom's birthday or Bosses Day or your coworker's work anniversary—and you've totally forgotten. Sure, an online group card can be a rapid solution, but we take it even one step farther because we'll help you make sure you never forget that day ever again.

Set Reminders with Kudoboard

Kudoboard now allows you to set up a calendar of reminders within your Kudoboard profile. Plug in the date of a special occasion and we'll email you a "Create Your Kudoboard" link 7 days in advance. You'll impress everyone with your thoughtfulness and be totally on top of every special occasion in your life.

Simply log in to your Kudoboard account, click the calendar icon, and add in any special dates you need to remember (birthdays, work anniversaries, holidays, etc.). It will take you 3 minutes and save you HOURS of headache in the next year.

Get started with your reminders here.

Thanks, and keep delivering happiness,
The Kudoboard Team