Friends Send Group eCard to Thank Organizer of Tulane Dance Marathon

dance team shows appreciation with a group e-card

Students at Tulane University participated in a Dance Marathon last month in order to raise money for the  Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. The fundraiser was a huge success with hundreds of participants and tens of thousands of dollars raised.  After it was over, several participants created a Kudoboard in order to thank Carrie Wixom for organizing the successful event (see the Kudoboard HERE).

Sam Patel, the originator of the Kudoboard, said that she decided to use it because she “wanted to find a way to thank Carrie for all her hard work.” Sam knew that Kudoboard would be “more meaningful than a simple Facebook post and give Carrie lots of nice messages all in one place.”

How to Use E-Cards to Say Thanks

Group e-cards are a fun way to mix up how you show appreciation. Are you wondering about other ways you can use a group e-cards to say thanks? Below are 3 more group e-cards thank you ideas.

  1. Teacher Appreciation. Maybe a member of the PTA could go into a classroom and have students add posts to a group e-card for their teacher (this could also be started by a student). Students could add videos, pictures, gifs, and more to show their appreciation for their favorite educator.
  2. Bosses. Group e-cards, like kudoboard, are great for businesses. E-cards allow employees to share their appreciation as a team in a simple way for their favorite boss. Check out this post to learn more about celebrating bosses.
  3. Co-workers. Do you have a colleague that has been awesome lately, or maybe one who is on the cuff of a transfer or retirement? Say thanks with a group e-card from fellow employees and leaders to show appreciation.

Saying thank you and showing gratitude is important in life for many reasons. Showing appreciation not only helps others feel recognized and loved but showing gratitude has also been proven to increase well-being and satisfaction. To understand why showing others appreciation matters (especially in the workplace), check out this Harvard Business Review article. So why not help yourself and others by utilizing group e-cards to show appreciation for the people around you?

Why is Kudoboard a great way to say thank you? It’s a thoughtful and heartfelt way to show appreciation! Learn more