From US to France: Family says ‘Happy Birthday’ with Kudoboard

Adrienne and Andrew Greenwalt recently moved from the US to France. Being thousands of miles away from their families, Adrienne needed an easy way to get everyone to contribute to a card for Andrew’s birthday. Kudoboard provided the solution: a free and easy way to send Andrew an unforgettable birthday eCard. See it HERE!

Adrienne wanted something that was, in her words, “much more personal than a Facebook wallpost.” Kudoboard allowed Adrienne and the family to “contribute in a personal way, where they otherwise probably wouldn’t have done anything beyond the generic Facebook message.”

Adrienne recognized that “these days we rarely send actual letters or birthday cards in the mail.” Adrienne used Kudoboard as a birthday eCard because she wanted the ‘actual card’ feel, without the hassle. When Andrew received his Kudoboard, “he was surprised and so pleased to hear from so many close family and friends!”