7 Epic Layoff Failures

There’s no way around the toll that job loss takes on employees - the financial stress of losing a job and having to find another one, uncertainty of the future, the sadness of leaving a role that one might have enjoyed and felt genuinely fulfilled by. But there are ways that companies can handle it smoothly to minimize the negative effects as much as possible - and ways that it can be fumbled. 

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What is Corporate Survivors’ Guilt?

So, it happened. Your company just undertook considerable downsizing and laid off several employees. It was a difficult decision, but it was determined that it was the best course of action for the organization as a whole. Now, you can get back to normal. Right? 

Don’t expect things to be business as usual. Employees may go through a range of emotions when a wave of layoffs hit the workforce, from stress and uncertainty to panic and mistrust. The people whose jobs are still in tact may be relieved, but they may also experience something called corporate survivors’ guilt, also referred to as workplace survivor syndrome or layoff survivor stress

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How to Improve Morale After Layoffs

Layoffs can be a painful but often necessary part of running a business. Losing your job in the blink of an eye and being uncertain of the future is an emotionally, mentally, and financially stressful experience, and a wave of layoffs hitting a company can have lasting impacts on the remaining team members. Employees may feel shaken up, fearful, and unable to focus on their jobs. 

But there are ways to strengthen a team again after downsizing, and doing so is a necessary and worthwhile endeavor.

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Do You Need An Onboarding Specialist?

A new job might bring a lot of different things: nerves, excitement, anticipation. It’s inevitable that starting a new job will also involve some sort of onboarding process, usually with lots of paperwork and emails with the human resources department. 

It can be intimidating to be the new kid on the block, so it’s helpful to have a person tasked with guiding new employees through this process so they can feel comfortable in their new roles and set up for success. That’s where an onboarding specialist comes in. 

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10 Signs of Toxic Company Culture

When you think of the kind of environment you want to work in, is it supportive, positive and motivating? Or is it cutthroat, catty and stagnant? Odds are, an office culture like the second one would make anyone want to run for the hills. 

Much has been written about the Great Resignation, which refers to the ongoing exodus of employees from their jobs that has been hitting many different industries the past few years. An analysis of Culture 500 companies from MIT Sloan Management Review shows that toxic company culture is the main driving force behind the phenomenon, and it’s even 10.4 times more important than compensation - a surprising finding when dissatisfaction with pay is often attributed to be the main reason why employees leave to seek greener pastures. 

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10 Important Indicators of Company Culture

A job is about more than clocking in, checking items off a to-do list, and hitting the road. A good environment is just as important as the actual work you’re doing, and it all goes back to company culture. 

Company culture shapes everything an organization does, from the way problems are solved to the ways employees are treated. It defines the values, beliefs and overall vibes of the company and the people working within it. It might not always be clearly defined, like a written policy, but rather it’s shaped by the daily practices and overall mission of the organization as a whole. 

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How To Improve Remote Onboarding

Imagine you’re at a game night and someone takes out a board game you’ve never heard of before. You could just dive in and figure it out as you go, but you’ll have no sense of what to do when it’s your turn or how to win. Is the game based on luck or skill? Are there teams, or is it more individual? It would be better for your friend to explain the rules of the game and what the goals are so everyone is on the same page about how to play. 

This is similar to the concept of remote onboarding

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Hybrid Work Policies To Consider

After learning about the benefits of working from home, the manager of a start-up social media company decides to implement a hybrid work schedule for the team. Employees seem to enjoy the flexibility of working from wherever they like. Some team members choose to come into the office because they enjoy the social aspect of the workday, while others who prefer to be remote workers opt to do their jobs from their apartments, the library or the coffee shop - anywhere with a wifi connection. 

The benefits of hybrid working quickly become apparent to the company. Remote workers are productive and efficient, and each employee gets to do what works for them and their lifestyle. The hybrid work model could be a game changer for the company, the manager realizes. 

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What Great Mentorship Looks Like in a Hybrid Workplace

Think of someone you view as a mentor. Maybe they’re someone you can rely on for guidance and support. Maybe they’ve helped you through something challenging, or they’ve shown you how to develop as a person and advance in your career. 

Mentors are important because they remind us that we’re part of a community. When one person is lifted, the whole team is better for it, and positive mentorship is a crucial part of that. 

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How To Create Culture In a Hybrid Workplace

Jane has worked at a public relations agency for five years. She kicked off her workday by responding to emails and hitting that coveted “inbox zero” status. Mid-morning, she has a meeting with her boss in which they discuss an upcoming project. After taking a quick lunch break, she gets started on research and outreach for the project, then checks in with colleagues to see if they need help with any of their projects. 

When the clock strikes five, she shuts down her laptop and feels a sense of pride about all she got done over the last eight hours. Another day in the books. And she did all of this from the comfort of her apartment. 

The way that many of us think about work has evolved over the last few years. Employees and managers conduct meetings, carry out tasks and keep companies running from their homes. Hybrid work schedules that offer opportunities for remote work give employees greater flexibility and work-life balance.

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