5 Best Get Well Soon eCards 

Whenever we feel sick or are injured, it always feels good to receive a get well soon card or ecard from family members and friends. Digital ecards are the perfect way to let someone know you are thinking of them when they are down and out. Virtual cards are a great way to personalize your thoughts to your loved one, even when you are in a time crunch. Do not leave your loved one hanging when they are in need. Send them a get well soon ecard and bring a smile to your face. There are so many options out there for you to try. Here are 7 of the best get-well soon ecards.  

1. American Greetings

There are some companies that you think of right away when you think of a greeting card. American Greetings is one of those companies. They have brand recognizability going for them and they have so many options on their website to choose from. If you are looking to go with a trusted brand with a wide variety, American Greetings has you covered. 


  • Giant Selection in many categories
  • It is easy to customize a card to your needs
  • Licensed content with celebrities and sports teams


  • $5 a month subscription price

2. Kudoboard

Kudoboad is a great option to use for big families or for the workplace. With this service, you can create a custom get well soon ecard and invite others to contribute. It is then easy to send and the receiver can keep it for as long as they like. The whole process is simple and takes just a few minutes. There is a card template for everyone to choose from so that it will be personalized to the individual you are sending it to.


  • Extremely simple to navigate the process to make a get well soon card
  • Option to print as a Can be printed as a poster or photo book
  • The free version allows up to 10 contributors 


  • Works best for group cards

3. Punchbowl 

If you are looking for something that closely resembles a traditional greeting card, but with a digital option, Punchbowl is perfect for you. The Punchbowl ecards have traditional designs and are even delivered with a digital envelope. Sometimes ecards can get to the silly range, but Punchbowl keeps it classy and beautiful.  Choose a card template, write a personal message, and you are on your way. 


  • Traditional and classic designs
  • Highly customizable for your loved one
  • The website has a high ease of use


  • Not as many options as on other websites

4. Ojolie

Ojolie is a great ecard option to wish a speedy recovery to the more artistic people in your life. Most of the cards are hand-painted and have a bespoke, high-end look. If you are someone who likes to pick something unique out for your loved one, definitely check out Ojolie. 


  • Custom hand-painted designs
  • Plentiful free options 
  • Ecards can be sent and shared on social media 


  • Messaging options are limited
  • Paid versions are only available for a yearly fee. 

5. Postable 

We love Postable for those who want the convenience of a virtual card, but the physicality of a get-well-soon greeting card. With Postable, you select and customize your card online. Then Postable prints and sends that card for you. It does require planning ahead, but it only takes moments to design and order.  This is a great option for sending to grandparents or those who have not really figured out digital resources. 


  • Quick to send with the payoff of a physical card
  • Great price
  • Easy to navigate website and design process


  • Does require planning in order to send it on time

Get Well Soon eCards Matter

Life is busy, but that doesn’t mean we can stop wishing the people in our lives a speedy recovery when they are struggling.  Ecards are a great way to let your loved one know we love them and are thinking of them with a personal message. There are so many options that are highly customizable. You can keep it completely digital, or you can have cards printed and sent. Check out one of our 5 favorite get-well soon ecard options and send your wishes for good health and a quick recovery today.

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