16 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

 Since its conception on April 22, 1970, Earth Day has been a day to celebrate the environmental movement and highlight the need for everyone to be involved in protecting the Earth. Robert Swan once said, “The greatest threat to our Earth, is the belief that someone else will save it.” We should all be actively involved in conservation and maintaining our beautiful world for the next generation. The environmental movement and its importance can feel overwhelming, however, there are many small and simple ways we can contribute. Let’s dig in! 

16 Easy Ways to Celebrate Mother Earth on Her Special Day  

  1.   Spend time outside

This is possibly the most simple way to celebrate Earth Day, but it is highly effective for helping everyone feel an appreciation for Earth’s beauty. This is especially important for kids. While you are outside, take time to point out what you think is beautiful about your natural surroundings. Teach them young what it means to appreciate Mother Earth. 

  1. Forgo Cars

Skip cars today and try walking or biking to school/work. If you live in a bigger city, take advantage of public transportation. The first Wednesday of April is actually designated as “National Walking Day”. This is a great way to reduce carbon emissions while enjoying nature. 

  1. Plant a Tree

This is a time-honored tradition on Earth Day and is so simple! You can do this on your own, or there are often community-organized events in your area. 

  1. Pick Up Litter

Take a stroll around your neighborhood or local park and fill up bags of trash for your earth day celebration. Make it a friendly competition with the kids to see who can clean up the most trash.  

  1. Consider Eco-Friendly Gifts

We give gifts often in our daily lives. Take the time to think about swapping your typical gifts and wrapping with eco-friendly options. There are some really great ways to do this and it is a great way to extend your environmental mindset outside of Earth Day. 

  1. Spread the Love

Share your love for the earth and spread awareness by posting on an Earth Day Kudoboard. Post what you love about Earth or even suggestions as to how to celebrate Earth Day. 

  1. Plant a Garden

Whether big or small, take the time to plant some plants that you can use in your everyday diet. It could be an outdoor in-ground garden, one small pot indoors, or anything in between. This is great for the earth and will encourage a healthier diet!

  1. Go On a Nature Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of items found outdoors and go on a hunt! Make it fun for kids by seeing who can find all of the items first. If you need inspiration, here is a fun one to try. 

  1. Turn Off Electronics

Focus on saving electricity by turning off your electronics today, go screen-free! You can also make sure you have all the lights you aren’t using turned off. 

  1. Say Goodbye to Plastics

According to Surfers Against Sewage, “12 million tonnes of plastic finds its way into the ocean every single year.” Take the time to swap out the wasteful plastics we all use daily. Get some reusable shopping bags, reusable ziplocs, and glass food storage containers. 

  1.  Buy Local Produce

Find a local farmer to buy produce from. You can also find a local farmer’s market to visit and buy your produce for the week. 

  1. Go Hiking

Find a local hike and get moving. Pack a lunch and really take your time in nature. Be sure to take all of your trash back out with you. 

  1. Buy a State or National Park Pass

Support our State and National Park Service by buying a pass and planning some family trips to visit as many as you can.  

  1. Focus on Recycling

Brush up on the rules for your local recycling services. Many have specific guidelines for what you can and cannot recycle. If you are not currently recycling, buy some bins and label them with what can go in them. No time like the present to get started.

  1. Read about Conservation 

Many libraries will highlight the books they have about Earth, Earth Day, or environmentalist on Earth Day. Go to your local library and check some out. You can also research online. Pick an environmental topic and educate yourself! Share what you learn by posting on this Earth Day public ecard. 

No Contribution is Too Small 

Every little earth day activity to help preserve our beautiful Earth is very important in the grand scheme of things. It will take all of us to keep our natural resources for each following generation. Pick some ways to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd and encourage your friends and family to join you. Get out there and show our beautiful world some love.

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