The Yearbook Signature Page, Reimagined Online

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Start a Kudoboard

Select the perfect background and add a pinned post.

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Invite Others to Sign

They can attach messages, photos, GIFs or videos to your board.

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Enjoy it Forever

Easily access the board on your computer or phone at any point.

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Get started in just a few minutes and start collecting your online yearbook signatures today!

Yearbook Sample

Dan would usually pass around his yearbook for signatures. With social distancing, Dan created a Kudoboard to allow his classmates to digitally share messages, photos, & videos instead.
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Choose the option that's right for you. From single boards to ongoing plans, for personal use or for the office. Every Kudoboard offers:

  • Add text, pics, GIFs, videos
  • Easily invite others with a link
  • Accessible forever
  • Desktop & mobile friendly
  • Keep it online or print as poster
  • No ads / no selling your data
Mini Board
Great for a small group of friends or to test the Kudoboard system.
  • Up to 10 board posts
  • Upgrade any time
Premium Board
One-Time Charge
Best for a larger group of friends and classmates to sign your yearbook.
  • Up to 100 board posts
  • Upgrade any time
Milestone Board
One-Time Charge
Perfect for extra large groups of classmates and teachers.
  • Unlimited board posts
  • Play as slideshow
Please note that Kudoboard is only for use among students 13+ years of age

Bulk Purchase

Buy access in bulk for the students of your school (available in packages of 25+). Contact us to discuss your needs.

  • $3.49 / Premium Board
  • $7.50 / Milestone Board
  • Prepay for a set number of students
  • Receive a custom promo code to distribute

You can order a printed version, too.

You'll have the option to download a free high-resolution version of your Kudoboard and print it as a poster, or we can print & ship in the continental U.S.

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An online yearbook signature page, done right

There is something special, even retro, about passing around a high school yearbook for signatures. But in times when you cannot, Kudoboard allows you to easily collect messages, photos, & videos in digital form. It's as simple as starting a Kudoboard and sharing your link with friends and classmates.

With Kudoboard, you can forget about the corny images, popup ads, and spammy email practices. A Kudoboard signature page is as easy and fun as it sounds - so get started today with your unique Kudoboard signature page to commemorate the end of another school year.

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Our school is looking for an option for students to recreate the yearbook signature page, since we aren't physically together this year. Kudoboard looks like the perfect fit.