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Custom online birthday cards for Mom, done right

Celebrate birthdays with an online group card for family, friends, and teams. Get started now!

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How Online Birthday Cards Work

Kudoboard’s online birthday cards allow you to gather appreciation from a group, delivered directly to the recipient virtually. 


Select Birthday

Add fun GIFs, videos, messages, and photos for the birthday celebration


Invite people & groups

Invite friends, family, and coworkers to add birthday messages to the group card.


Deliver Birthday celebration

Deliver the group birthday card online, printed as a book, or play the slideshow at the birthday party!


Make someone’s day special

Your recipient can enjoy their online birthday card forever. 

Birthday Sample

Denali’s birthday is coming up. Her brother Kevin started her a surprise Kudoboard and added photos & videos. He was planning to send it directly but decided to invite others to make it a group card

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You can also play an online slideshow of the Kudoboard – perfect for displaying at an in-person event.

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Choose the option that’s right for you — from single group cards to ongoing plans,
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Lite Board

$5.99 Per Board

Great for a small group of contributors to celebrate a recipient using Kudoboard.

Create a Kudoboard Features
  • Up to 20 board posts
  • Add messages, photos & GIFs
  • Attach a gift card

Milestone Board

$19.99 Per Board

Perfect for extra large groups or milestones that you will celebrate in-person.

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Finally, an eCard you are proud to give

eCards were one of the first hits of the early 1990s web. Unfortunately, they also became known for low-quality, ad-laden sites flashing outdated stock images. If you were wondering “How can I show someone I care about them…but only a little bit?” – eCards were the unfortunate, but accurate, digital answer to your question.

But not anymore.

Forget about the corny jokes and annoying popups. With Kudoboard, you can create customized, online cards with pictures, videos, and notes celebrating your Mom’s birthday. You can even invite the rest of the family to contribute and turn it into a group card.

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  • What a terrific card that my daughter created me with Kudoboard. It was wonderful to see all the photos & family videos in one place.

    Lisa F. Brazil

Create your Mom a Kudoboard for her birthday now

Frequently asked questions about Birthday Card for Mom

For many of us, our mother’s dedicated their lives to teaching, supporting, and caring for us. So when their birthday comes around, it is our time to ensure our moms feel the same amount of unconditional love and support she gave you. You know a birthday card message can’t sum up the entirety of how you feel about your mom but here are a few heartfelt options you could write in your mom’s birthday card:

  • “No matter how old I get, I’ll never grow out of needing my mom! Thanks for always being there when I need it.”
  • “You are one of the best parts of my life and I am so proud to call you my mom. Happy Birthday”
  • “You’re the epitome of what a good mother should be. Happy Birthday!”

You may want to bring additional humor to your mother’s virtual birthday card. We advise using one of these responses with the perfect GIF, photo, or video to go with the text:

  • “Today, we gave you the day off–we bought your cake instead of begging you to make it! Happy birthday to the best baker I know!”
  • “Whenever someone asks me how I turned out so fabulously, I always tell them, “I got it from my mama! Happy birthday.”
  • “Today is all about your favorite things–favorite food, cake, hobby, and child. Here I am, so happy birthday!”

We have made making your mom’s online birthday card simple. First, select “Create a Kudoboard.” Then, fill in the template and select the board type that meets your needs. Now you are ready to design the card to your liking. When finished designing, you can invite others to contribute to the card. Our cards allow contributors to add flare with GIFs, photos, and Videos. Before you send out the card, be the first to sign. Doing so will enable others to see the possibilities for their contribution.

Once it is time to deliver the card, all you need to do is schedule a delivery or print it off. For more detailed instructions, check out our step-by-step guide, ‘How Do I Create a Kudoboard?’ You can see an example of what your mom’s virtual birthday card could look like by checking this example.

Once all contributors have signed the card, you are ready to print. We have a few different options for printing: print a poster through us, download and print at a local print shop, or have us create a book. To print a poster through us, follow these steps:

  1. In editor mode, select the eye icon to ‘view as recipient.’
  2. Click the printer icon
  3. Select poster
  4. Customize print size and select ‘Print and Ship.’
  5. Calculate the price and order the print.

If you want to print the card at your local print shop, download the JPG version of the board. To download a JPG of your board, do the following:

  1. Open your board
  2. Next to the board’s title, choose the ‘Download or Print’ button
  3. Select the digital delivery option ensuring the blue poster button is selected.
  4. Download the file from your email.

For more detailed instructions or a demonstration video, check out ‘What is a Digital Download for a Kudoboard?’.

The final way to print a virtual birthday card for mom is to make it into a book. A book can be longer lasting than a poster and might be the best option for mom. To do this follow the instructions in ‘How can I turn my Kudoboard into a book?’ Here you will find any additional questions you might have when making your online birthday card for your mom into a book.

Celebrating a birthday for someone who has passed is hard. Birthdays are days we are supposed to celebrate with our mom. However, when they are gone, it is a potent reminder of their absence. Whether for your mom or someone else’s mom, creating an online birthday card for a mom who passed can be a meaningful way to celebrate. You can use a Kudoboard to gather memories from contributors about the mother. As contributors add memories or things that remind of them, the Kudoboard will celebrate a continuing legacy. The board can be a place for all who read it to cherish the memory of your mom. Once the board is complete, you can make the board into a book to have on a bookshelf for when you wish to reminisce.

Most moms love getting homemade cards from their children. However, sometimes the convenience of a virtual birthday card for mom is necessary– whether because of distance or time restraints. Kudoboard provides the ability to make an ecard for mom feel handmade but without the hassle of glue and glitter. The appeal of a handmade card is that it feels thought-out and personalized. You can do just that on your board. When you give your mom a Kudoboard, you will have spent the time to invite contributors to add unique and heartfelt messages for your mom. Her board will have the one-of-a-kind charm of a handmade card without the hassle of postage or scissors.

Moms do a lot. Sometimes that can be overwhelming. Whether it is the crying of a tantruming toddler or the sulking of a teenager, a mom’s life might lack humor. When you create a funny virtual birthday card for mom, you give her something to smile at; what a great thing to do on her birthday! Kudoboard provides many ways to include humor in a birthday card for mothers. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Ask contributors to include funny memories they had with your mom
  • Include your favorite short videos or GIFs
  • Post a funny picture you have with your mom
  • Make the background of the card a photo you know she will laugh at
  • Recreate some childhood photos and post them on the board.

Using one of these methods will bring a smile to your mom’s face as she reads her ecard.

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