More than 15 Smart Gifts for Book Lovers

Finally… the gift guide I was born to write. Reading has been the most consistent feature of my life, right under breathing and eating. Since I was tiny, I have absolutely loved books. School ruined it a little (as mandatory reading often does) but then I got back on the wagon as an adult. I’m currently at 81 books for the year (hoping to break 90!) and completely dedicated to my reading routines. 

Basically, I’m just telling you—you can trust me. I’ve got some seriously genius ideas for the bookworm in your life, so just read through each gift idea, click, and purchase for the easiest shopping ever. 

Gifts for Book Lovers

Neck Light

I’ve tried my fair share of book lights. They always annoy me. I have to keep adjusting them. I have to replace them with special batteries. They’re too bright. They hang too wide or too tall for snuggling under the sheets so I don’t wake my husband when I’m stuck in a good book at 3 am. Annoying! Until this year, when one of my close friends got me this neck light! It rests around your neck with flexible and adjustable lights on each side. You can customize the experience by lighting one or both sides and choosing from 3 light tones. And the best part is that you plug it in to charge rather than having to replace batteries! I love it. 

Book Weight

A book weight or book holder is often utilized by students or researchers who need to have at-a-glance access to a book and don’t want to have to flip it open constantly. It might seem silly, but if you’re reading a huge tome, using a cookbook, or just need to read one-handed (hello, new moms) a tool can make it so much easier. You can get a book weight to hold it open on a counter, a stand to hold it upright, or a thumb tool that helps you hold a book one-handed.

Bathtub Tray

I am not exaggerating when I say that I use my bathtub tray AT LEAST 5x a week. I love to read in the bath. It’s the most relaxing end to the day. I have this bamboo one, which can easily hold a book or iPad, phone, bar of soap, loofah, and even your beverage of choice. It’s the ultimate book lover gift for self-care. 


I hesitate to include a Kindle on this list, just because reading is such a personal preference hobby. Some people exclusively read ebooks, so they might already have a Kindle they love or just read on their phones. Some people choose exclusively audiobooks (up next!). Others prefer the classic “real” book reading. Use your best judgement. Upgrading their existing Kindle, or helping them see the benefits of an e-reader can be the perfect gift! The new Kindle is waterproof, and there are even kids’ versions!

Bonus: A Kindle Unlimited membership gets them access to a HUGE catalog!

Audiobook Subscription

For the audiobook fiend, a gift that grants them more listening is a treat. You might also consider this type of audiobook subscription to someone who has to commute a lot, or has a job where they can listen to something while they work. Audible is the most popular, but you can also try Scribd or Chirp

Book of the Month

This book subscription gives you a choice between 5 new titles each month, and it’s absolutely beloved in the book community. I have been dying to sign up and might finally seize the chance with this year’s holiday promotions. Plus it has book club functionality!


If your book lover has a favorite book, you can honor that with some beautiful artwork. A framed book cover, fun map or chart, or a personalized book stack painting

Library Book Bag

Your favorite bookworm probably has weekly treks to their local library. You can make those a little more pleasant with a fun book bag. They’ll get so many compliments from the librarians and other bookworms. Serious street cred. 

Book Journal

There are a lot of different ways to track your reading, but this journal/reading challenge from Book Riot is amazing. Your avid reader can use it to keep track of books, branch out from their normal genres, and “read harder.” Plus, it’s pretty. 


When you love books, it’s so nice to display them. I use bookends on a wide windowsill in my living room to hold my library stack so they’re always in view. In fact, these are the exact gold bookends I have! 

Gift Card

Deep down, all any book nerd really wants is more books. A gift card can ensure that they get that book they’ve had their eye on. I highly encourage you to support local bookstores by finding one in their area and getting a gift card from them, rather than a larger chain. 

Custom Library Stamp/Kit

If your favorite reader is anything like me, they love to acquire books that they love if only to make other people read them. To make sure they make it back to the owner, adding a stamp of ownership or even a vintage library set. HEART EYES FOR THIS. 

Themed Candle

There is truly nothing better than settling in for a relaxing evening of reading with a cozy blanket, a soft lamp, and a candle flickering nearby. There are so many creative candles that can enhance their next reading session (and probably make it onto their ‘gram). Try this Library scent, or a book-themed candle

Themed Cookbook

A cookbook that zeroes in on a book’s time period, named dishes, or general location can be a fun way for your reader to immerse themselves more fully into their favorite story. This cheeky cocktail recipe book is a coffee table favorite. 

Clothes & Accessories

When you stan a book, you might literally want to wear it on your sleeve. There are a lot of very clever ways to represent your favorite read, and they will show it proudly. 

Some great options are: 

Literary Gift Magic

The best part about book gifts is that they can be so personalized to your reader. All you need to know is the type of books they like to read, or ideally their favorite book. Voila. You have a ton of excellent gift ideas that they’ll love for a birthday, holiday, graduation, or just because. Just let them read in peace once you’ve given them the present, please. 

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