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    Patagonia uses Kudoboard for the traditional birthday use case, and also for “Pataversaries” (work anniversaries with a Patagonia twist). These anniversary boards remind their employees, with personal notes of thanks from their peers, that the work they do is never taken for granted, and is recognized throughout the year. This boosts employee confidence and happiness, and creates excitement around another year at Patagonia.

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    Airbnb knows the importance of building a community of belonging within their organization, which is why they use Kudoboard. No matter where their employees are located, Kudoboard allows for company-wide celebrations of the moments that matter in the language of their choice, creating an inclusive work environment where everyone can feel recognized through messages of gratitude and encouragement from their peers.

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We care about your happiness and success and the same goes for your company. We don’t win unless you and your company win. And we take that very serious while making sure everyone has fun along the way.

You get all the resources you need to build a culture of gratitude within the organization.

Kudoboard is so easy to set up and use. It’s amazing how fast we started getting value.

It’s fun with a purpose. Making sure everyone feels connected to each other pays huge dividends.