25 Great Gifts for Dog Lovers

If someone you love has a fur baby, holiday shopping is easy. Any dog lover will tell you that their pet means the world to them, so receiving a pet-themed gift will be very appreciated. Whether your gift is for their dog or a gift about their dog for the owner, they are going to love it.

Pet owners will tell you that their animal is a part of their family. Showing your love and appreciation for their pet is such an awesome gesture. Dog owners are always on the lookout for the best new gear or toys. This holiday season give your friend or loved one a great gift for their about or about their pet!

There are so many different types of gifts for dog lovers. You can get them:

  • Dog toys
  • Outdoor gear
  • Dog beds
  • Pet clothing
  • Dog care items
  • Pet-themed gifts

Dog Toys

There is no better way to show a dog that you love them than by giving them a new toy! Well, except maybe food—dogs will do anything for a treat. But dogs LOVE new toys. There are several different types of toys for your friend’s pooch; some of them even include treats!

  • Squeaky Chew Toy: Chew toys are a must-have for dogs. There are hundreds, even thousands, to choose from. When picking a chew toy, you need to consider the size of your dog. You wouldn’t want to purchase an extra-large chew toy for a small dog.

You also need to make sure that you pay attention to the type of materials that the toy is made out of. Some dogs prefer stuffed animals with soft material, and some prefer rubber material. Having a squeaker in the chew toy is a bonus. Dogs love when their toy makes noises. They will also love when their owners play with them by squeaking their new toy. 

  • Dog Toy Ropes: Dogs love to play tug of war. A great toy to get them would be a toy rope! Your dog will love to interact with you with this toy. It is so fun to see them get riled up over grabbing the end of a rope and having their mom pull on the other end. Another great thing about a toy rope is that they tend to hold up longer than other toys because of the braided fabric. This is a must-have for dog owners. 
  • Treat-Dispensing Dog Toys:  If your loved one’s dog is a treat lover, this is for them! A dog treat-dispensing toy will keep their dog entertained because they will be trying to get that treat out! Some pet owners even use these types of toys to give their dogs special dietary supplements or medication. They are having so much fun playing and trying to get that treat out they don’t realize they are taking medicine! Genius! 
  • Ball: Dogs love to chase balls. The ball is such a classic toy for any pet, but especially a dog. There are more than just bouncy balls out there for a pup to enjoy. There are balls that wiggle, squeak, and even light up when they are bitten. A ball is not just a fun toy; it is an excellent way for your loved one’s pet to get exercise. 
  • Frisbee: Another classic toy for a pooch is a frisbee. The frisbee is definitely a winner when playing with a dog. There are hard plastic ones, mesh nylon ones and hard rubber ones. A lot of frisbees come in one size but you can find larger or smaller ones depending on the size of your dog. Just like the ball, this is a great way to get a pet to exercise and burn off extra energy. 
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Outdoor Dog Gear

There are dogs out there whose owners are adventures and bring them along on every trip. If your friend is an outdoor person and you know they bring their pup with them, then getting them some outdoor gear is a great route. 

  • Leashes: Most dog owners will already have a dog leash. However, there are unique leashes out there for hikers, runners, and adventurers. A great leash for someone who enjoys hiking but may not want to carry a leash the entire time is a hands-free leash. If your friend loves to hike, but you know they like to hold water or just want their hands free to navigate their hike, this is an excellent gift for them!
  • Harness: Most dogs wear collars, but a dog harness is more comfortable when walking your pooch. A dog harness will take the stress off of a dog’s neck; it will help with reducing pulling on their leash and increase the owner’s control over the dog. It is a great gift to give to the dog lover in your life. 
  • Collapsible Bowls: When bringing a pup outdoors for a lengthy period or in hot weather, you need to ensure that they have food and water. Having to carry a large bowl for food and water is not ideal for a dog owner. Your friend will love receiving a set of collapsible bowls. What a great tool to have when you are taking a trip with a pooch!
  • Poop Bags: We know, gross. BUT poop bags are vital when taking a dog outdoors or even for a walk! The dog owner you are looking to get a gift for will appreciate that you purchased waste bags for them.  

Dog Sleep Gear

There are so many different types and styles of dog beds, however, along with a dog bed, kennels, pillows, and blankets that pets would love to use when they sleep.

  • Beds: There are beds for traveling, there are small beds, there are large beds, there are tons of different fabrics to choose from. A new dog bed is a perfect gift to give to the dog lover in your life. Many owners may not know that a great type of dog bed is a car seat dog bed! How genius is that?! A comfortable and safe way to travel in a car with your pet. 
  • Kennel: Most dog owners have a kennel for their pooch, but most of the kennels are most likely basic crates. A great gift idea for the pet lover you are looking to celebrate could be a unique new kennel. There are kennels explicitly made for traveling. There are ones made to look like small houses. There are so many different materials other than a wire crate. A new kennel for your dog-loving friend will definitely get an amazing reaction. 
  • Dog Pillow: The older a furry friend gets, the more they may have some aches and pains. A great gift to give a pet parent is a new pillow for their pampered pooch. A pillow will help their pet be comfortable when sleeping or resting and ensure that they are comfortable. 
  • Dog Blanket: If you know a puppy, you know how they love snuggling up in blankets. What better gift is there than to give your friend or loved one a new blanket for their pet? They will love curling up in the comfortable fabric and love that they have a blanket that is all theirs. 

Pet Clothing

  • Costumes: Have you ever seen a dog in a costume? It is so cute and funny! If you are looking for a great gift for a pet dad, you should consider getting their pet a cute costume. There are so many that you can choose one that has meaning for you and your friend. For example, if you and your friend love to watch Star Wars together then this costume would be the perfect gift and get the best reaction from your friend. 
  • Coats: A coat is a must-have for a pet. A canine gets cold just like its owner and needs protection from the harsh elements of winter. There are so many different types and sizes of coats out there for dogs. Your friend will love the thought you put into picking a new coat out for their furry friend.  
  • Scarfs: Dog scarfs are the cutest accessory. There are so many different patterns to choose from. Suppose the owner you are getting a gift for has a favorite color or design (i.e., flowers or sailboats). In that case, there is a bandana for them. You can even shop with certain companies that will embroider their pet’s name on the scarf. It is a great easy way to dress up your pet! 
  • Team apparel: If your friend or loved ones loves sports as much as they love their dog, then team apparel is such a great gift for them. Whether you get a jersey, a leash with the team's logo, or even a bandana, you can’t go wrong. There are a lot of different pet items that you can find with a team logo on them. You cannot go wrong with this gift!

Dog Care and Grooming

  • Grooming Brush: A great gift for the dog owner in your life is a grooming brush. There are more types of brushes out there than a standard one. There are brushes that have a type of raiser on them that will help clean up loose hairs. There are even attachments that you can get for your vacuum that are brushes! 
  • Bathing Gloves: If you have ever bathed a dog before, you know that it can be difficult to get them lathered and stay dry. There are amazing bathing gloves that have scrubbers on them that make it easier to lather and scrub your dog. This would be such a great practical gift for any dog owner. 
  • Nail Cutters and Tooth Brushes: Grooming is an important part of owning a dog. Their nails grow long, and their teeth need to be brushed, just like their owners. There are even complete kits of nail trimmers and toothbrushes that you can purchase for your loved one. 
  • Groomers Gift Cards: An amazing gift that you can give the dog mom in your life is a gift card to a groomer. Your friend and loved one will appreciate that you found a groomer for them to take their pet to. This is a great gift for a busy owner that often bathes their pup themselves.

Pet-Themed Gifts

  • Pet Portraits: There may be no better gift for a dog owner than a specialized portrait made of their pet. There are special companies that will take a picture of a pet and then put it on different human bodies. So. Funny. Your pet can be a prince or a jester or even your favorite movie character! It is such a fun gift to give and receive. 
  • Personalized Clothing: There are so many different companies that will design a piece of clothing with a pet’s picture or name on it. You can get t-shirts, socks, sweaters, and even scarfs with a picture of your pet on it. Your friend will love that you know them well enough to put their fur baby on a shirt
  • Books: Did you know that you can have an entire book made where your pet is the main character?! What a unique and amazing gift you could give your loved one. They will be so surprised when they open your gift and see a sweet book that is personalized just for them.
  • Pillow: An amazing way to memorialize a pet is by getting a pillow made out of them. Not just getting their face on a pillow but a pillow made in the shape of their body! Your friend is going to be able to squeeze their puppy any time they want!

The great thing about these gifts is that they are all relatively small, so you can make a gift basket out of several items! Or you can spread out the gift-giving over holidays and birthdays and keep giving to the dog mom in your life. Another great thing about this gift list is that some items will be great for your friends with a cat. Whether your dog parent friend owns a small dog like a corgi or a more giant dog like a Doberman, they will appreciate that you know how much they love their pet. Celebrating pets is such a great way of showing your love to their owner!

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