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A Starter Plan plan is perfect for the individual who creates Kudoboard frequently for special occasions. It allows one person to create as many Kudoboard as they want and give coworkers access to contribute.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kudoboard is an online appreciation tool that replaces the greeting card that's passed around and signed. You start a Kudoboard for someone on a special occasion, add text/photos/videos to their board, schedule it for delivery, and then invite others to contribute. See a video demo of the Kudoboard process here!

Kudoboards are used to recognize people on annual events like birthdays and workplace anniversaries, special occasions like retirements and promotions, holidays like mother’s day and boss's day, or just to tell someone they are great.

Kudoboards can only be accessed by users whom you provide the unique Kudoboard link. Your Kudoboard is not listed publicly anywhere on our site. We also have additional access settings (for instance, requiring a verified company email) available on Kudoboard for Business.

There are three options to send out invitations to other contributors. You can copy/paste the unique board link into your own message to contributors, invite through facebook, or use our system to email an invitation to contributors.

Single boards: On free Mini Kudoboards, the limit is 10 contributions (either from 10 separate contributors, or from fewer contributors who each make multiple posts). On premium boards, the limit is 100 contributions. On milestone boards, there is no limit to contributions/contributors.

Ongoing plans: Any board made through a subscription (starter plan, business plan, enterprise plan) can have unlimited contributions. The number of coworkers you can invite to participate is determined by your subscription plan.

There are a couple steps you can take to ensure your contributors engage:
a) Show, don't tell. Before you invite others to contribute, write a nice kudo and post photos and videos.
b) Remind contributors about the board the day before it's supposed to be delivered.

No - contributors are not required to register with Kudoboard to add to a board.

The Kudoboard creator has ultimate privileges to edit, move around, and delete content from the board. Contributors can edit their own content. Recipients can move content around or delete kudos after they receive a board. View a demo here to see how editing works.

Yes. You can adjust the delivery date of your Kudoboard at any time. You can also set whether we deliver the board automatically on your behalf, or you send it yourself to the recipient.

Yes. People can contribute to the Kudoboard after the delivery date (unless you choose to lock the board). When this happens, the creator and recipient receive a notification that a new entry to the Kudoboard has been made so they don't miss it.

As long as Kudoboard exists, your board will be accessible! Unless you or the recipient delete it, of course.

Yes. If you'd like to print your Kudoboard as a poster in addition to the digital version -- there are two options. You can download a high resolution version of the board that you can print as a poster at a print shop, or we can print and ship a copy in the continental United States. We offer three different widths (3- column, 6- column, 12- column) to accommodate boards of varying sizes.

You are billed annually for the Starter plan. You can cancel at any time from the "My Account" page - at which point no more charges will be made to your card. You will continue to have access to all the features of the plan until the end of your billing period.

Email us at [email protected] We'll get back to you within 1 business day, guaranteed.

Check Out Our Reviews

When an employee hits a work anniversary, one of the things they receive is a card signed by the whole team. With a third of the office across the country, getting everyone to sign the cards rarely happened. We tested out a few solutions and ended up liking Kudoboard the best, by far.

Natalie, IMPACT

We used Kudoboard to celebrate employee's retirements. It is perfect to be able to collect memories from the entire staff, deliver the board online, and the have a great poster to go along with it.

Teresa P, AT&T

I received a ton of compliments for setting up a colleague’s card with Kudoboard. With no limits on the number of contributions, everyone could add their own personal touch. It was terrific, and I will be using it again and again to bring our team together in the future.

Sarah R, General Electric