Retirement Group Card with Kudoboard.

Kudoboard lets you congratulate coworkers on their retirement - with style. Collect personalized messages and inspirational quotes from others on your team. Can't find the right words? Add a picture or video!

Create Kudoboard

Select a Recipient

Choose someone to receive a Kudoboard online group greeting card.


Add your content

Attach messages, photos, and videos to the recipient's board.


Enlist your group

Invite family, friends, and colleagues to add their contributions.


Deliver Appreciation

Deliver the recipient's Kudoboard online or in print form.

Sample Use

Carl is retiring. His colleague Lou started him a Kudoboard, invited others to add memories, and will deliver the online board next week. Lou also plans to print the board for Carl's going away party.

Preview Board

...or check out a demo video.

Kudoboard Options

From Single Boards to Ongoing Plans

Mini Board

Great for a small group of contributors, 1-to-1 boards, or to test the Kudoboard system.
  • Features
  • Maximum of 10 board posts
  • Add text, pics, GIFs, videos
  • Desktop & mobile friendly
  • Accessible forever
  • No advertisements
  • Deliver online, print as poster, or play as slideshow
  • Upgradeable to Premium

Premium Board

(one-time charge)
Best for a larger group of contributors on a birthday, milestone, or other special occasion.
  • All Mini features +
  • Unlimited posts/contributors on 1 Kudoboard

Premium Package

From $2.99
(per board)
A discounted plan for an individual who frequently creates Kudoboards for others.
  • All Mini features +
  • Unlimited posts/contributors on 10+ Kudoboards per year


From $16.99
(per month, paid annually)
Everything a business needs for teammate appreciation on special occasions and any time in between.
  • All Mini features +
  • Unlimited posts/contributors on Unlimited Kudoboards
  • Multiple Kudoboard creators
  • Shoutout Mode
  • Likes & Comments
  • Custom Branding & domain
  • Enhanced Access Controls
  • Free 30-day trial

Want to print as a poster?

You can download a high-resolution version of the board and print it yourself, or we can print & ship anywhere in the continental US.


We loved the Kudoboard eCard! What a great way for us to leave messages for a colleague who was retiring from our company. We all work virtually and she lives in Chile so not so easy to send a card on time. This was the perfect solution. Will definitely use again!

Karen D., Office Depot

Perfect way to allow people to write their well wishes for someone who is retiring. It's not always easy to send a card around (especially when some people left the company years ago) -- so Kudoboard offers a great solution.

Brian P., Cisco

My colleagues made me a Kudoboard for my retirement (and printed it out). Super sweet -- really made my day.

Samantha N., Emerson Electric