Create Giant Birthday Cards with Kudoboard

Use Kudoboard to collect messages and pictures from colleagues, friends, & family. Print it out as a jumbo birthday card or deliver it on the web.

Create Kudoboard

Select a Recipient

Choose someone to receive a Kudoboard giant birthday card.


Add your content

Attach your messages, photos, GIFs, & videos to the recipient's board.


Enlist your group

Invite family, friends, and colleagues to add their contributions.


Deliver Appreciation

Deliver the recipient's Kudoboard online or print it as a jumbo birthday card.

Sample Use

Denali's 30th birthday is coming up. Her brother Kevin started her a Kudoboard, invited friends and family to contribute, and plans to print Denali the giant birthday card as a poster.

Preview Board

...or check out a demo video.


Try it For Free, Go Big for $5.99

Mini Board

Great for a not-so-giant card or to test the Kudoboard system.
  • Features
  • Maximum of 10 board posts
  • Add text, pics, GIFs, videos
  • Desktop & mobile friendly
  • Accessible forever
  • No advertisements
  • Deliver online, print as poster, or play as slideshow
  • Upgradeable to Premium

Premium Board

(one-time charge)
Perfect to collect messages & photos for a giant birthday card.
  • All Mini features +
  • Unlimited posts/contributors on 1 Kudoboard


Download the giant birthday card for free & print it yourself. Or we can print & ship anywhere in the continental US.

Print/ship cost is based on sq. feet (a board with 50 posts will cost ~$50).

Fantastic way to create jumbo birthday cards. We all made one for the boss on his retirement, and it was a hit!

Richard P., New York

My colleagues created by a humongous birthday poster for my 20th work anniversary! It was such a sweet gesture - definitely something I'll treasure.

Rosalie R., Australia

My friends and family surprised me with a giant birthday card from Kudoboard for my 50th birthday. I'd strongly recommend the service to anyone.

Casey F., Texas