Get Well Soon Group Card with Kudoboard.

Know someone in need of a pick-me-up? Use Kudoboard to collect and send messages of support!

Create Kudoboard

Select a Recipient

Choose someone to receive a Kudoboard online group greeting card.


Add your content

Attach messages, photos, and videos to the recipient's board.


Enlist your group

Invite family, friends, and colleagues to add their contributions.


Deliver Appreciation

Deliver the recipient's Kudoboard online or in print form.

Sample Use

Sarah tore her ACL skiing. Her friend Emily started her a Kudoboard, invited several friends to contribute, and will send Sarah the online board while she's recovering from surgery.

Preview Board

...or check out a demo video.

Kudoboard Options

From Single Boards to Ongoing Plans

Mini Board

Best for a small group of contributors, 1-to-1 boards, or to test the Kudoboard system

Premium Board

(one-time charge)
Great for a larger group to send appreciation on a birthday, holiday, or special occasion


(paid annually)
Made for a person who regularly starts Kudoboards for friends, family, or colleagues


Starts at 16.99/mo
(paid annually)
Everything a business needs for employee recognition or customer appreciation efforts

Want to print as a poster?

You can download a high-resolution version of the board and print it yourself, or we can print & ship anywhere in the continental US.


My friend broke her ankle recently and was pretty bummed out about it. The Kudoboard Get Well Soon eCard made her day -- she was literally in tears. What a great way to send a group get well card!

Tanya R., Nebraska

When one of our colleagues got sick, Kudoboard was the perfect way for us to send her well wishes. It was super simple to use, the whole office participated, and the recipient loved it. DEFINITELY will use this again.

John R., Kellogg

I recently received a Get Well Kudoboard eCard when I was out sick for a few days. It was really sweet (and funny). I will be making one myself next time someone is out sick.

Susan R., Texas Instruments