Birthday Group Card with Kudoboard.

Looking for an alternative to the same old birthday card? Spice things up with a free online group card! Add your content, invite others to do the same, and deliver the board.

Create Kudoboard

Select a Recipient

Choose someone to receive a Kudoboard online group greeting card.


Add your content

Attach messages, photos, and videos to the recipient's board.


Enlist your group

Invite family, friends, and colleagues to add their contributions.


Deliver Appreciation

Deliver the recipient's Kudoboard online or in print form.

Sample Use

Sarah's 25th birthday is coming up. Her friend Dara started her a surprise Kudoboard; added photos, videos, and notes; and invited friends and family to participate. The online board will be delivered next week.

Kudoboard Options

From Single Boards to Ongoing Plans

Mini Board

Best for a small group of contributors, 1-to-1 boards, or to test the Kudoboard system

Premium Board

(one-time charge)
Great for a larger group to send appreciation on a birthday, holiday, or special occasion


(paid annually)
Made for the person who regularly starts Kudoboards for friends, family, or colleagues


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We used Kudoboard as a birthday eCard rather than passing a paper birthday card around the office. It was super convenient, everyone added hilarious GIFs to the board, and the recipient really enjoyed it.

Stacey H., Zillow

The birthday eCard I received from my family through Kudoboard on my birthday was really touching. The messages and photos were great, and I absolutely loved the videos my nieces and nephews posted made.

Brianna K., Montana

I loved how easy it was to set up and to share with people! I was dealing with several older people, and they could easily navigate to add their birthday wishes. I will definitely use Kudoboard again - and I'm sure many of my friends will, too.

Cindy P., New York