Pricing Update from Kudoboard

We launched Kudoboard a year and a half ago to make it easy for groups to show appreciation to family members, friends, or colleagues on special occasions. Since that time, it has been our privilege to deliver messages of kindness between tens of thousands of people around the world.

To keep Kudoboard free of advertisement and continue to add great new features on a regular basis, we recently made a few updates to our pricing. These changes will not affect boards or plans already started before Feb 7, 2017, but we wanted to let you know for the future.

Here is the updated pricing for individual Kudoboards:


And here is the pricing for ongoing plans:


Check out our pricing page for additional detail, or feel free to email [email protected] directly with any questions.


The Kudoboard Team

Kudoboards are now Printable

Great news!  We are thrilled to announce that you can now download your Kudoboards to view and print offline. Here are a few highlights of the feature:

High Quality Image – Kudoboard’s low-resolution backgrounds are replaced with high-resolution counterparts and the entire board is delivered as a single JPG image perfect for offline viewing and printing.

Print Wherever, Whenever – Take the image file to a nearby print shop to get the poster printed immediately, or check out one of the various online poster-printing options we recommend.

Unlocked Forever, for Everyone – Once you unlock the image for downloading, it remains unlocked and available to all contributors and the recipient forever.  Whether new kudos are added, the background template changes, whatever – everyone can download and print the most recent version of the board at no additional cost.

The printable download of the Kudoboard is a premium feature and will be priced at $10/board; however, we are offering a promotional rate of $4.99/board through December 8th!  If you know of a Kudoboard you plan to deliver in several months, you can even start it now and unlock the printable feature immediately to take advantage of this special rate.

Go to and start your board today!