The Ultimate Get Well Group Card


NBA Pacers’ all-star Victor Oladipo suffered a season ending injury when he ruptured the quad tendon on his right knee in a win over Toronto on January 23rd.  

As anyone who has spent time in Indiana knows – that state loves its basketball.  While they were heartbroken that their star would be out, they also wanted to let him know that they were behind him 100% in his recovery and eventual return. 

The Pacers marketing team created Olidapo a Kudoboard, put it on their website, and let the fans take it from there.  Nearly 1000 (!!!!) posts later, Olidapo has one of the larger Kudoboards that’s ever been created. Check it out HERE!  It takes a few seconds to load since there are so many pictures posted, but the wait is worth it. 

Get Well Soon Group Card

Kshipra Desai recently received a “Get Well” Kudoboard from coworkers.  But not just any “Get Well” board – one with a Yoda Meme and an epic cute cat video!

See the board HERE!

Thanks for letting us share your board, Kshipra, and a hearty “Get Well Soon” from all of us at Kudoboard!