Sorority Sends Kudoboard to Thank a Sister for Organizing Scholarship Brunch

Sarah Hostetler of Tulane’s Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority recently created a Kudoboard for one of her sorority sisters, Margaret Stolte (see it HERE). Margaret is the sorority’s Scholarship Chair, and Sarah wanted to show appreciation for all of Margaret’s efforts throughout the year.  Sarah invited other sisters from the sorority who filled the board with memories, photos, and videos.

“Margaret was the recipient of our Kudoboard as a way to thank her for all of her hard work,” said Sarah. “The board was presented to her the day after she organized a brunch for our chapter to recognize members with the highest GPA’s. Margaret constantly goes above and beyond her job description and Kudoboard was a perfect outlet to show her how much she means to us.”When Margaret received the board, she was overjoyed.

“Coming back from a long day and realizing that over 20 of my sisters had taken the time to organize a Kudoboard made me feel appreciated,” said Margaret. “Thanking people and showing our appreciation for them is a really underrated act right now and after receiving my Kudoboard, I felt more motivated to show appreciation for the people in my life!!”