11 Ways to Stop Losing Employees

Employee turnover is expensive! If you are losing employees and are unsure why it’s time to look at your retention strategies. Smart employee retention strategies will keep your employees happy and engaged at your company. To support job satisfaction, you need to consider how your company is doing in the following areas:

  • Employee assistance programs
  • Benefits
  • Management training
  • Compensation
  • Exit interviews
  • Recognition at work
  • Career growth opportunities
  • Hiring process
  • Work environment
  • Expectations of employees 
  • Open communication

Salary is an essential component for employee retention. Still, there are a lot of other factors that go into your team’s satisfaction on the job. Keeping your employee fully engaged in the work and mission is the first step towards retention.

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How Kudoboard Helps You Remember Loved Ones

When a special event or occasion happens in life, you want to memorialize it. You may photograph it, video it, and receive messages from friends and loved ones. You can have all of these amazing mementos, but if they are all separate and not in one designated place, you’ll be chasing them down or giving up on them.  The most fantastic and effective solution to scattered memories is to make a Kudoboard!

What is a Kudoboard?

A Kudoboard is the best way to gather a group of people and give them one place to show appreciation. No matter what type of group it is (i.e., coworkers, family members, friends), it is a central place for people to upload photos, videos, and messages for the person you want to show appreciation for. Some perfect occasions for a Kudoboard are:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Memorials for a loved one that has passed away
  • Holidays
  • Retirement
  • Get well soon

Below are some fun ways to use a Kudoboard during these special occasions!

Kudoboard is perfect for team appreciation ❤️

A Kudoboard business plan makes birthdays, shout-outs, and retirements SO much easier. Check out our business plans.

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8 Awesome Ways to Use Kudoboard in Your Workplace

When working in a company, whether remote or on location, you tend to spend a lot of time alongside your coworkers. When a special event comes along in their life, a card just doesn’t seem like enough. It is time to make your co-worker a Kudoboard

What is a Kudoboard?

A Kudoboard is the best way to gather a group of people and give them one place to show appreciation. A group of coworkers can have a central location to upload photos, videos, and messages for the person you want to show appreciation for. Instead of passing a paper card around the office, create an online group card with Kudoboard! Some perfect occasions for a Kudoboard are:

  • Welcome to the Team
  • Birthdays
  • Work anniversaries
  • Weddings
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Thank You
  • Birth of a child
  • Retirement
Kudoboard is perfect for team appreciation ❤️

A Kudoboard business plan makes birthdays, shout-outs, and retirements SO much easier. Check out our business plans.

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19 Ways to Retain Employees

It may seem hard to hold on to employees in today’s world. To keep those outstanding workers at your place of business, you may need to change your company incentives and think outside of the box to create a work environment that your employees want to be a part of. To avoid employee turnover, your company needs to develop some great retention strategies.

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How to Save & Share Remembrance Messages

When you lose a loved one, you may experience friends and family that want to reach out and give messages of condolences in various ways. Collecting these and saving them will be something that you and your family can cherish in the future. Recording these messages along with your memories of the person that has passed on is essential. Solutions for saving messages of remembrance may include:

  • A photo book
  • A kudoboard
  • Scrapbooks
  • Journaling
  • Video

Today we’re outlining several different ways that you can record and save these remembrance messages. Once saved you can share them with others and read them at a later date to remember and honor your loved one

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30+ of the Best Employee Birthday Gifts

Showing appreciation to your employees is essential in the workplace. A great way to express gratitude is to celebrate their birthday. A present will let your employee know that you put thought and time into acknowledging them. By purchasing a birthday gift, you will improve employee morale and help the recipient feel valued. 

With a $50 or less budget, you can choose from an extensive array of gifts. You can even make sure that you get a personalized gift that they will appreciate. Below are some great ideas that will fit within your budget. 

Kudoboard is perfect for team appreciation ❤️

A Kudoboard business plan makes birthdays, shout-outs, and retirements SO much easier. Check out our business plans.

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How to Decorate the Office for a Birthday

It is your coworker’s birthday, and it’s your job this year to decorate their workspace and plan a party. What do you do?! Do you choose a theme or just go a simple traditional route with decorations and a cake? We have you covered. Birthdays should be celebrated, even in the workplace. Your coworker will appreciate the planning that you have put into their party. Here are some great ideas for the celebration:

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What to Write in a Memorial Card

Grieving the loss of a loved one is a complicated process. However, when people around you uplift you with kind words and condolences, it helps with that process. A great way to show your love and support to your friend or loved one during this challenging time is by sending a condolence message. Your message can be in the form of a card, text,or letter. You can bring peace to the person who has lost their loved one with such a simple act.  

Take the time to send a memorial message. If you are unsure of what to say in your sympathy note, there are several different directions to take. You can: 

  • Share a memory that you have of the deceased person
  • Express gratitude for how the person who has passed away touched your life
  • Show your condolences and let the person grieving know you are thinking of them
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20+ Actually Fun Remote Team Events

It’s 2022 and remote (or hybrid) work is here to stay. Remote working is great for many reasons, but can lead to a sense of isolation from team members. To remedy the metaphorical distance, you should consider high-quality remote team events to keep up your team morale. Virtual team building is different from in-person team building, but it can still be done effectively while having fun! 

Kudoboard is the best way to unite your remote team. 🤝

Kudoboard's group cards are the easiest way to connect your teams—wherever they are. Learn more about our group cards.

Benefits of Remote Team Events

Strengthen your team and support getting to know each other through different team building activities. Create a strong company culture by giving your employees a chance to get to one another. 

  • The best teams are the ones that work well together, and in order to work well you need to get to know each other. Encouraging your team to get to know one another will help promote a positive workplace and culture. 
  • Working well with each other in team events will carry over into work projects because they will know and understand how to collaborate on projects. 
  • Doing activities will also lift your company and team morale since they will have an enjoyable time instead of just having to work each day. 

Find some creative ideas below and start enhancing your company culture!

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Ways to Save On a Memorial Funeral Service

The death of a loved one is difficult. Not only do you have to deal with the emotional toll the loss will have on you, but you need to prepare for a funeral. Funerals can be expensive, especially if your loved one does not have burial insurance. Still, there are ways that you can save on a touching memorial service. Funeral expenses do not need to be a financial burden if you take the time to do some planning.

Why is an online memorial from Kudoboard a great way to remember a loved one? ❤️

It’s a thoughtful and heartfelt way to bring family members, friends, and colleagues together. Everyone can add messages, photos, and videos of tribute. Learn more.

Here are some great ways to save while still honoring the life of the person you have lost:


There are several different choices to make when it comes to a casket. Often, the grieving family will feel overwhelmed and choose the first or best casket recommended by the funeral home. However, you can save money on funeral expenses if you take the time and do some research.

Shop Online

Did you know that you can purchase a casket online? That is right! You are not legally obligated to use a casket supplied by the funeral home. Some websites offer caskets at lower rates sent directly to the funeral home. 

Make Your Own

If you are a DIYer, then consider building your own casket. You do not need to purchase one for burial. Some states may have standards (such as materials or dimensions) that need to be followed, but making your own will save a lot of money. There are a lot of different patterns out there that you can choose from as well. 


The type of material your casket is made out of will make a difference in cost. There are different woods and different metals for the hardware used on caskets. For instance, if you choose a casket with stainless steel features as opposed to a pine casket with no hardware, then you are going to pay more money. You do not have to pick the most expensive casket for it to be a good-looking one. Take your time and shop around to find the best deal on a casket. 

Skip the Vault

Check with the cemetery where you are burying your loved one. When a person is buried, their casket is put inside a vault before putting it into the ground. A cemetery might require a vault to keep the ground settling and making dips at the burial plot. Another reason a vault may be required is it will protect the casket from the weight of the dirt on top of it or if heavy machinery ever passes over the plot. If it is not required to have a vault, you may be able to skip this purchase and save on the burial. 

Funeral Rule

Contrary to popular belief, you are in charge of what you purchase for a funeral. A funeral home cannot force you to buy anything, and you can shop around. The funeral rule ensures that you are not being taken advantage of financially when planning a funeral. The funeral home you are working with should be transparent in their prices and allow you to shop around for prices on caskets. 

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